I know that’s a big promise to make, but stay with me — these apps are all game changers for different parts of your life. We’re talking apps that will get you out of bed, apps that will make sure that bed is the one of your interior decorating dreams and others that will get you the best deal on dream travel. Lots of dreams coming true here, people! And all thanks to these apps.

1. SpinMe Alarm Clock: Say goodbye to those mornings where you miss the bus, are late for work and set the tone for a cranky day. This is an alarm app that wants to make sure even the deepest sleepers get their butts out of bed on time. It’s simple, but sounds pretty painful (especially with these late nights and early Re:Make AMs ;) you just set your alarm and it goes off. But forget snooze, to turn this one off, you need to get up out of bed and spin around until the app is satisfied.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

2. LikeThat Décor: Furniture shopping can be hard, which is probably why a lot of us have the same IKEA couch and shelves, right? Turn your interior decorating inspirations into realities with this app that’s as fun as the funnest quiz you’ve ever taken. But for furniture shopping!! You click on a picture of an item you like in their gallery, and they find similar, shoppable images that you can get in your apt asap. You can also take a photo of a piece that you like while out and about, at a fancy friend’s house or even shopping in a too-expensive store, and the app will find you similar pieces that fit your aesthetic. Heck, you might even like one of these new ones better.

Cost: Free for iOS

3. HitList: Do more than just put places on your travel bucket list, cross them off by booking the cheapest flights to them that are available. HitList takes the places you want to go from your dream vacay to do list and does the search for you, notifying you of the best times to travel with cheap or even last minute flights.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

4. Fountain: Fountain wants to help you fix that leaky faucet or running toilet faster than you can tweet a complaint about it. It’s a search engine hooked up to experts who can really help — even over the phone. Currently in beta, you’ll be able to use the app to tackle any DIY project or home improvement with expert, professional help over video, phone or text. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, so stay tuned for launch updates.

Cost: For now, sign up for Fountain’s beta here!

5. Kanzee: Have mad love for that #ootd your friend is rocking in her latest Instagram with triple digit deep Likes? Well, maybe in, like, a few #ootds, she’ll be sick of it and be down to give it up to you. That’s where Kanzee might come in handy. Kanzee is an app (recently debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt) and a social network that will let people share and swap clothing. It’s like Rent the Runway, meets Instagram, meets Le Tote, meets your closet. If you need something specific, say, a particular color dress for an upcoming wedding, use Shoutout Mode to let your community know. This just might answer all of your wedding dress dilemmas for the rest of YOUR LIFE.

Cost: Coming soon (about two weeks according to TC) for iOS

ICYMI: Some Other A+ Apps

BikeSafe App: This app will rule… if every biker and driver has it DLed.

StoryByte: Turn your photos into beautiful stories with this easy, awesome app.

Hipmoji: Because your phone (and the people you text with it) need hipster emoji, bae.

Dwnld: This is officially the easiest, most yummily designed pro app maker we’ve had our thumbs on.

Tickle: Another app that teaches kids to code? Yup, but see why this one’s a standout.

– Can we talk about that taco texting app again?

What was your favorite app of the week? Which of the above are going to find a home on your phone? Share below!