Beauty brands have released plenty of makeup vaults that have made our jaws drop 鈥 take Urban Decay鈥檚 drool-worthy Naked Vault, for example. However, Kat Von D is blowing us away with a brand new makeup collection in a totally new way.

Over the weekend, the makeup company gave its Instagram followers a sneak peek at its two newest makeup vaults, and although we have no doubt that the makeup will be absolutely fabulous, we鈥檝e gotta say that the packaging is鈥 well, weird. The first vault, for example, looks a whole lot like a zippered laptop case:

What鈥檚 inside?! WE MUST KNOW. As if that鈥檚 not enough, Kat Von D also posted a clip of their second vault, which they have dubbed a 鈥渓ove letter/envelope clutch.鈥 Pretty cute, TBH.

Oh, and the brand is also unveiling a new 鈥渨ax seal鈥 handheld mirror, so you can check out your glammed-up self.

So when can we get our hands on these beauties? Unfortunately, the company鈥檚 lips are still sealed there, but we can only hope we get the answer soon. Sure, the packaging is unlike anything we鈥檝e ever seen, but since it鈥檚 Kat Von D we鈥檙e talking about, we have a feeling it鈥檚 gonna be weird in a good way.

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(Photos via Kat Von D + Frazer Harrison/Getty)