When it’s time to tackle your yearly birthday bash planning, you could choose to celebrate with an amazing unicorn party or copy Blue Ivy’s fairy party… oooor you could choose to celebrate like Kate Hudson and throw a “hot mess” of a party!

Turning 37, the A-list actress threw a bash for herself and fellow April babies jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer and writer Derek Blasberg, with guests like Rachel Zoe, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Poppy Delevingne bringing out the best hot mess style we’ve ever seen. Now THAT is how you ring in your late 30s, folks. (Or, you know, any way that you want!)

With party-goers dressed in veils and lace and Kate herself decked out in fishnets, crimped hair and a belly-baring “wedding” dress, it looks like it was a seriously stylin’ time.

Drinking out of red solo cups like the best parties of your teen years, there was certainly no champagne at this pseudo-wedding.

Ending the night with one final pic, Kate added the caption, “It was some night Love you guys #NothingLikeAJointBday #AprilBabies #AnnualHotMessParty #WeddingEdition”

It looks like it was one heck of a par-tay! Happy birthday, Kate, Jennifer and Derek!

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photos via @KateHudson, @rosiehw, @rachelzoe)