It鈥檚 been a long and winding road for Kesha. After losing her legal battle to be released from contract with Sony and her alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, Kesha had to nab permission from both label and producer to perform at tonight鈥檚 Billboard Music Awards. Proving she鈥檚 got more than a little bit of fight in her, the artist behind 鈥淭ik Tok鈥 and 鈥淒ie Young鈥 showed up to tonight鈥檚 Billboard Music Awards red carpet wearing a matador-inspired purple suit 鈥 as in, dressed as a bullfighter. SYMBOLISM MUCH? And while her electrifying, standing ovation performance left Twitter on fire, the energy behind her Bob Dylan tribute wasn鈥檛 even the most badass part of the whole thing.

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Show

According to our team of legal experts, by choosing to perform Dylan鈥檚 鈥淚t Ain鈥檛 Me Babe,鈥 Kesha was denying Sony and Dr. Luke a cut of the performance鈥檚 royalties. In other words, by not singing one of the Dr. Luke-produced hits that she鈥檚 famous for, she likely kept him from getting a paycheck for tonight鈥檚 performance. In a word: Genius.

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While we did NOT speak to Kesha鈥檚 own lawyers and can only speculate, one thing is for sure: This was absolutely the 鈥渟tatement performance鈥 the artist had been promising us. Whether or not the song choice was motivated by money or Bob Dylan appreciation 鈥 or, y鈥檏now, both 鈥 we totally respect Kesha鈥檚 decision to distance herself from the artistic collaboration that has caused her life so much drama and heartache. This performance was definitely a mark of Kesha鈥檚 independence and will to move ahead. And girl sounded GOOD.

What鈥檚 your take on Kesha鈥檚 song choice? We welcome all forms of legal speculation @BritandCo!

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