Whether you have an October birthday or just want to host a haunt for all the little monsters in your neighborhood, Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a party. It also gives everyone a reason to show off their costumes. Choosing a party theme is the first step and can be tricky when trying to choose something that is still festive but won’t give the kids nightmares for the rest of the year. That’s where we come in! Keep reading for 13 Halloween party themes that are sure to please every goblin on the block.


1. Mad Scientist: Take advantage of all the spooky items filling the store shelves and channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein with a mad scientist party. Complete the look with green glowing punch and frightful desserts. (via Giggles Galore)

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2. Witch Party: Throw a spooky soiree by going with a witch theme and plan outside activities like bobbing for apples and a broom-riding race. Bonus points if you can coordinate this party with a full moon. (via Hello, Wonderful)


3. Monster Mash: Half the work is already done for you thanks to these free printable cupcake toppers and food tags. The googly-eyed favor bags also double as decor, so make sure they’re front and center. (via Crazy Little Projects)


4. Pumpkin Carving Party: Keep those tiny hands busy and send everyone home with their own carved pumpkin at the end of the party. Just make sure you save all the seeds to roast (and share?) later. (via Evite)


5. Detective Party: This party may take a bit more planning, but the payoff is well worth it if you have a pint-sized private eye at home. Things like your vintage typewriter and thrifted rotary phone make great decorations. (via Ander’s Ruff)


6. Ghost Party: Host a ghoulish gala this Halloween. Stick with the theme by serving white foods like powdered donuts, marshmallows and milk. Draw faces on white balloons and hang black streamers from the ceiling for cheap, high-impact decorations. (via Pizzazzerie)


7. Halloween Candy Land: Turn your favorite childhood game into a twisted and tasty party theme. Focus all your attention on the dessert table since it’s the main attraction, and spread the more simple decorations around the rest of the room. (via Pretty My Party)


8. Cupcake Decorating Party: Put your party guests to work decorating spooky cupcakes. Have pastry bags ready so they can get started as soon as they arrive. Divide all the supplies evenly to avoid any bickering over favorite colors or pretty sprinkles. (via The Tomkat Studio)


9. Pumpkin Painting Party: Wrap your table in newspaper and set out washable paint, stickers and an array of different-sized pumpkins for painting. Easy-to-eat snacks like popcorn and apple slices make this a laid-back party perfect for a crisp afternoon outdoors. (via Little Baby Garvin)

youngfrankenstein copy

10. Young Frankenstein Party: If you’re throwing a party for both kids and adults, this is the perfect creepy (but not too scary) theme. Little details like eerie bottle tables and toe tags for drink labels go a long way. (via Three Little Monkeys Studio)


11. Candy Corn Party: If you look forward to candy corn each fall, play it up with a yellow, orange and white party. One thing’s for sure — finding (and making) decorations will be a cinch. (via Catch My Party)


12. Zombie Party: Eyeball-themed desserts, colored water in science beakers and inexpensive spiderwebs draped over everything make this zombie party almost too easy to DIY. (via My Mommy Style)


13. Glam-O-Ween: This fa-boo-lous party emphasizes the fancier side of Halloween. Incorporate pink, purple and lime green into the color scheme, and glitter… lots and lots of glitter. (via Andres Ruff)

Witch Which one of these themes will you use this year? Have another favorite you used last year? Drop us a line and tell us all about it!