For you, today, October 31, Halloween might be a holiday that comes but once a year. For some people, like, well, everyone who works at Brit + Co and singer, actor, funnywoman Laura Bell Bundy, every day is Halloween. You know our track record with costumes at this point, so let’s talk about Laura’s.


From appearing on the big screen in Jumanji (yes! she is Young Sarah!!) to the Broadway stage in shows like Legally Blonde and Hairspray, to starring in the TV show Anger Management, getting dressed up and playing pretend is your average Tuesday for Laura. Today, she wears a few more hats… and wigs as a country singer and the star of the recently launched YouTube channel Skits-o-Frenic.


In looking for a Halloween expert, we turned to Laura Bell Bundy to talk Halloween night essentials (PS, how cute is her witch costume?!) — both what that list looks like before you have kids and after. Your priorities may shift a little when there are tots in tow, but one thing DEFinitely remains consistent — Reese’s must always be a part of the equation.

Halloween Essentials Before You Have Kids


1. Fake blood, because you know it’s all coming off when you drink that Halloween punch.

2. Top Stick ’cause we girls need to keep our girls.

3. Glue for your fangs.

4. A picture of you IRL for the hot dude dressed like “Jon Snow.”

5. Candy to pass out to people you think are best dressed. Or hot.

6. A pair of flip flops or flats for when your feet start to hurt.

7. A plastic pumpkin to carry your things around. (You are never too old to trick or treat.)

8. Plans.

9. Back up plans.

10. Okay, fine — and a couple with kids so you get to at least see how excited kids are when they get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin <3



1. Kids costumes!!!!

2. Candy for the neighborhood kids.

3. Great decorations!

4. A costume to scare the crap out of people who come to the door.

5. “Monster Mash” on repeat.

6. A scary movie on TV.

7. Boo-ze!

8. An empty stomach so you can try your kids’ candy.

9. A coat for each kiddo in case it gets chilly!

10. A creatively carved pumpkin.

Happy Halloween, trick-or-treating, Monster Mashing and everything in between to all of you (kids, no kids or kids at heart) this weekend!


What are your Halloween essentials? Share your picks with us in the comments below!