If you’re a cat person, you know that cat accessories are often eyesores. In your otherwise nicely appointed home, you might end up with a weird carpeted cat tree in the corner. It happens, and you’ve probably just accepted it as part of the deal you make with yourself when you brought home that little furball. Portland-based Designer James Owen did not accept this fate, however, and has designed a beautifully modern cat scratching “Leo” post that looks like a piece of sculptural art.

The design is sleek and simple, with sturdy (but pliable for claw-sharpening) wood grain that disguises kitty scratch marks and helps the post last longer. The weighted base is made with either polished or chromed cast aluminum. The Leo is funding on Kickstarter until November 28. Early adopters who pledge $299 or more get one of the first Leos off the manufacturing line. $350 or more and you can upgrade to even more stylish zebrawood.

Is this better than what your cat scratches now? Let us know in the comments.