Okay, maybe that is an overstatement, but this wearable (sorry, we’ll put a dollar in the W-Word Jar) is made to measure crowd reaction and report it in real time to a performer. We’re about to get all Epcot on you guys, so form a line and follow us into the future where data meets (and helps create) art.

Launched at SXSW Interactive 2014 by the “first major iPad DJ” Rana June, Lightwave is all about bridging the gap between creators and their audience by obliterating the fourth wall. Like the 3D glasses of the future/now, you’ll pick up this device on your way into a live event where it will then (unlike 3D glasses) measure your movement, temperature and audio levels and share it with the performer.

A DJ could adjust their set depending on how people are dancing or clapping along to the music. A speaker could understand when he’s losing the crowd at a conference. Fans at the Big Game could cheer on athletes in a whole new way. Miley could know in real-time — and not after the Internet got ahold of it — how you feel about her twerking.

And, we suppose, a comedian could understand if you’re yawning during her set or guffawing and slapping your knee as if to say, “More jokes about single life — you are hilarious and relatable!”

What kind of event would you want to wear Lightwave in?