There鈥檚 a new hashtag we鈥檙e in love with that has nothing to do with hot men + [fill in the blank] or organization (we鈥檒l never forget you, #MenandCoffee and #Shelfie!). Today, we鈥檙e introducing #Literaryswag. Created by writer Yahdon Israel, aka @Yahdon, this hashtag proves that those who are stylish can also be brainy. It pairs the best in street style with smart reads, helping us create a summer reading list at the same time.

In an interview with the Man Repeller, Yahdon says he got his inspiration for the hashtag from the subway in NYC and counts among his #literaryswag favorite authors James Baldwin, Hilton Als and Maya Angelou. We scoped out who else on Instagram was proud of their #literaryswag, and we鈥檙e sharing a few of our favorites.


We love how this #girlboss is reading up on how to rule the world from the O.G. girlboss, Sophia Amoruso. Of course, her masculine-meets-feminine outfit is on point. (via @rawrsavvyreads)


This Insta snap has us thinking about silver slip-ons all of a sudden. The pairing of the printed pants with the metallic shoe adds glam, 鈥渓ook at me鈥 action on the street. The Vintage Vonnegut is just as graphic as the rest of this beautifully composed image. (via @olcollitswag)


Ooh, we love a color theme. How cute is this shades of red and burgundy image? Pedro is about baseball player Pedro Martinez. A gal that鈥檚 sporty, chic and well-read is a gal we want to meet! (via @gracerenata)


First off, cuteness points to the pup. But extra points to the owner for matching her dog鈥檚 collar to her eye-popping pants, which get a dash of casual with the navy Birkenstocks. Leaves of Grass was one of our favorite poetry reads in high school, and this worn copy brings back so many memories: 鈥淚 am satisfied鈥 I see, dance, laugh, sing.鈥 (via @murrderdith)


American Gods is essentially a road-trip story, and this outfit looks perfect to take off at a moment鈥檚 notice in the car. Everything in the photo looks soft and cozy 鈥 we definitely want to know what filter she used! (via @chey.mar)

An Anthology of Graphic Fiction paired with a graphic, printed dress is a win-win combo for us. The blues of this image make us want to curl up in bed and read all day. (via

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.04.00 PM

Summer means printed tops, ripped jeans, sandals and a copy of a favorite, well-worn book. This #literaryswag-ger is getting into some great tales about life in Dublin in Joyce鈥檚 Dubliners 鈥 hopefully she鈥檚 gathering inspiration for her next trip abroad! (via @rebsthegreat)

What would your book/outfit combo be? Tell us in the comments, and don鈥檛 forget to share your #literaryswag!