The maker movement comes in sizes big, little and everywhere in between. To prove it, Brit + Co, littleBits and Red Tricycle are joining up for a giveaway that will spark serious creativity in our winners and their fams. Yes, winners — there are five for this contest so let’s talk prizes. Can you start a drumroll? (If there are kids around, a mini tambourine works too.)

Grand Prize!! One lucky winner will take home a littleBits Premium Kit (worth $149!) and a $500 gift card to Land of Nod!

Four runner-ups will snag a littleBits Premium Kit (each worth $149)!

littleBits is revolutionizing DIY electronic projects with a library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. Whip up circuits in seconds to make the invention of your dreams, no soldering, programming, or extreme wiring knowledge necessary. The kit makes it super simple and gives you the tools to create anything from LEGO hacks to fans to robotic anything.

Maybe you don’t have kids but still think littleBits can “make” your dreams come true. Um, join the club. Our club. Seriously, we used them in the above project to make photobooth-ready LED headbands. The kit comes with easy instructions for 10 different projects and their site is filled with oodles more around-the-house and office uses.

Shocker: Land of Nod, a kid-focused furniture company from Crate & Barrel, is 1) So awesome. 2) So awesome that we want to shop there ourselves. 3) So awesome that we do shop there for ourselves and our homes. Now if you score the grand prize, you win $500 to shop there for your home!

Land of Nod features handcrafted products for your home as well as party supplies, toys, gifts and (you know we love it) arts and crafts for kiddies. If some of it looks familiar it’s probably because we’ve featured them in our roundups of kids decor we want and cool kids toys we want (seeing a pattern here?) — they even have a new collabo with one of our favorite bloggers and one of our Brit Picks to boot, Oh Joy!

Parents and guardians who have ever had to put up with a kid playing the ol’ “I’m bored” card, need to get to know our giveaway partner Red Tricycle really well. The site will quickly become your playtime concierge with tons of great ideas for the kids and you to do. Sign up for editor’s picks on projects to play in-house and activities to do around town — it’s a win for everyone!

It’s time to enter!

This contest is now closed.

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