Ah, the age-old debate: to go brave the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday or to stay home, shut the windows and spend the whole day Netflix and chilling harder than you’ve ever Netflix and chilled before. If you’re on the fence and a major fan of Lululemon, we have some news that might help you decide. The athletic brand is dropping a brand new capsule collection on Black Friday, and you guys, it looks goood.


The eight-piece line includes two pairs of running tights, shorts, a sports bra, a zip-up jacket, a neck warmer, a hat and an ear warmer. Staying true to the day’s name, the pieces feature an all-black color scheme. But being the functional brand they are, the capsule collection also comes equipped with 360° high-impact reflectivity, making those nighttime runs just a little bit safer.


The pieces start at $38 and max out at $298. The limited-edition collection will be available in stores, but if you’re really invested in the idea of spending the day catching up on Scandal, the collection is also available online. If you have to pause Olivia Pope, we’re sure she’ll understand.

What are your plans for Black Friday? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Lululemon)