Ever since Audrey Hepburn took the concept of a ballet slippers from the dance studio to the streets, the ballet flat has been a classic shoe for women everywhere who want to look polished and chic without enduring the struggle of heels. The style and shape has remained relatively unchanged over the years, but somewhere along the way, the most important part of the ballet slipper was forgotten: a perfect fit. NYC based footwear brand Margaux has taken the shoe back to its origins and is giving us custom-made, fit-to-order ballet flats that give you comfort without skimping on style. In other words, this brand will make you feel like a real ballerina.


A study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society found that 88% of women wear the wrong shoe size (what?!), and Margaux’s aim was to solve this problem while still staying true to the elegant and timeless look of the ballet flat. You can choose to buy a ready-to-wear pair in standard sizes, but for only $20 more you can order a customized pair. To help you with this, Margaux offers a complimentary fitting kit that includes a tape measure and a measuring guide to help you order the perfect size for your feet.

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Margaux ballet flats come in two styles: The Classic and the Limited, which come in at $175 and $245 respectively for the standard sizes. But don’t think there’s a lack of options: the Classic is available in 14 different shades of suede, while the Limited is available in four shades of luxe haircalf — and that’s not including the limited edition leopard print shoe available for the holidays starting Dec 1. The shoes are handcrafted in Spain using the highest quality Italian materials and engineered to perfection, because while they may be simple to look at, ballet flats are the hardest shape to get just right.


For the lucky ladies who happen to live in NYC, Margaux also offers the Fit Specialist, an at-home fitting service that will take all your measurements and provide you with sample swatches and standard size comparisons. There is a $15 surcharge for the service, but it can be waived if you invite five or more people to the appointment. Getting your feet fit to the perfect shoe in the comfort of your home? This sounds like a Cinderella dream come true, and the perfect activity for birthdays and bridal showers.


So, ladies, do your feet a favor and pick up a pair of Margaux ballet flats (these shoes are kiiiind of making us backtrack on what we said about the whole rounded-toed flats thing). Even if you go with a standard size, the high level of engineering, design and materials will make these shoes a pair that you will love and wear for years to come.

Are you excited to try out custom-fit shoes? Do you already own a pair of Margaux ballet flats? Leave us a comment and let us know.