While most people are counting down to the holidays and the start of 2015, color-obsessed ladies (guilty!) are looking to Pantone for the Color of the Year. Now that Pantone has officially declared 2015 the year of Marsala, we’ve already started updating our wardrobes and interior design plans accordingly. But the color fun doesn’t stop there — brides can get in on this trend too. We’re sharing 23 of our favorite Marsala-inspired wedding details to get those creative juices flowing.

aisle decor

1. Aisle Style: Set the Marsala mood from the start of the wedding with accents of deep red floral arrangements for the ceremony. (via Jade + Matthew Take Pictures)

hair piece

2. Floral Hair Arrangements: For that final, etherial touch, there’s nothing like fresh flowers in the bride’s hair to tie in the color of the year. (via Corina V. Photography)

grooms jacket

3. Groom Styling: While the main focus is usually on the bride’s gown, that doesn’t mean the groom can’t be dressed to the nines. Grooms can embrace their inner trendsetter with a colored suit jacket, boutonniere or bow tie, all in shades of Marsala. (via Kytography)


4. Marsala Mason Jar: The “IT” wedding staple has to be the mason jar. You can buy them in all sizes, shapes and colors, including Marsala. (via Waiting for Martha)


5. Not so Flat Flatware: Add another hit of Marsala at the table. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail. (via Anthropologie)


6. Let’s Hear it for the Boys: For a more casual affair, this groomsmen look is an easy way to incorporate the color of 2015. (via Glass Jar Photography)


7. You’re Invited: Marsala is a bold statement, but what other kind would you want to make on your big day? (via Sage Nine Events Production)


8. Marsala Candles: There’s nothing like a table filled with candles. Using the Pantone hue with fresh florals and yellow wine glasses is a match made in color heaven. (via Max and Friends)


9. The Cake: While most couples opt for the traditional white cake, there’s nothing like a bold-colored treat to draw the guests’ attention. (via Jose Villa)


10. Blooms With a Boom: With these rich, deep colors, would you toss this bouquet? This bridal arrangement successfully captures that robust Marsala coloring. (via Jose Villa)


11. Ride in Style: The newlyweds’ exit won’t go unnoticed in this vehicle! A statement wedding car is the perfect touch to a Marsala themed wedding. (via Michelle Cross)


12. Maids in a Row: Don’t leave all the Marsala fun to fall and winter weddings — this rich tone can be worn all year long. (via Larissa Cleveland)


13. Multiple Hues: Don’t like the matchy-matchy look for your bridesmaids? Varying Marsala, nudes and purple works well for their dresses. (via Rebecca Yale Portraits)


14. The Rings: A wedding isn’t complete without a gorgeous shot of the wedding rings. This deep red ring box will add an element of royalty and glamour to your bling. (via The Mrs Box)


15. Floral Cake Decorations: Not quite ready to give up on the white cake? Add a pop of color with fresh blooms. These deep reds, pinks and leafy greens come together perfectly on this white tiered wedding cake. (via Grey Likes Weddings)


16. Marsala Table Top: The best thing about Marsala? It can be used anywhere and everywhere, from centerpieces to fashion and beauty. (via Chaz Cruz Photography)

dress detail

17. Hidden Surprise: As if wearing this stunning hue wasn’t enough, this bride knocks it out of the park with the hidden Marsala stitching on her dress. (via Ciara Richardson)


18. There’s No Place Like Home: While Dorothy might have had ruby slippers, the new “it” heels to click together are definitely Marsala colored. (via Pat Furey)


19. Marsala Backdrop: This barn’s Marsala hue is the perfect backdrop for all those wedding photos. (via GVH Photography)


20. Lips As Red As Roses: You might not have the seven dwarfs to walk you down the aisle, but you can still rock a rich red hue on your lips. (via Ariana Tennyson)


21. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: This adorable, baseball-inspired outfit styled with Marsala hues will have your guests singing a chorus of Aww.” (via Stripling Photography)


22. Poptails: Poptails are the best portmanteau since Brangelina. Guests will love this frosty treat. (via Jenna Henderson)


23. Sweet Tooth: Give your dessert table an added boost with a pop of Marsala by using floral arrangements or vintage furniture. (via Kaysha Weiner)

Will you be incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year in your wedding? Let us know how in the comments below!