The presents are wrapped, the stockings are hung and your ham is ready to be baked. It feels good to be so on top of things… until you realize you haven’t even thought about breakfast for Christmas morning. Between opening presents, entertaining guests and playing with all your new goodies, there’s no need (or time) for a formal breakfast. Worry not — all you need are a few mason jars left over from your Christmas DIY gifts to make a breakfast that you can assemble *now* and eat later… like on the living room floor while watching A Christmas Story for the hundredth time. Scroll through these 13 time-saving mason jar breakfast recipes, aka your own little scrumptious Christmas miracles.


1. Fruit and Egg Quinoa Breakfast Parfaits: This recipe incorporates everything healthy you want in a breakfast: Eggs for protein, quinoa for your grains and a hearty serving of fruit. (via Marla Meredith)


2. Parfait With Almond Butter and Black Pepper Strawberry Compote: Some breakfast parfaits are so full of sugar that they could be considered dessert. Not this one! Dig in so you can unwrap presents without the sugar coma. (via Drool Worthy Daily)


3. Apple Cinnamon Stovetop Granola: Fill a mason jar with homemade granola for everyone to use as they wish: Top with plain milk, almond milk or Greek yogurt, or enjoy it plain. (via The Healthy Maven)


4. Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats: Instead of butter and sugar, this healthier version of a cinnamon bun is flavored with cinnamon, a bit of vanilla and Greek yogurt. Whatever your old Christmas breakfast was, you won’t miss it. (via With Salt and Wit)


5. Egg in a Jar: Think of this as the ultimate omelette recipe: Mushrooms, green onion, bacon and chives provide a hearty base for breakfast, not to mention that pretty egg on top! (via Paleo Leap)


6. Mason Jar Breakfast to Go: Skip the table and that sit-down bacon, egg and hash brown breakfast — presents shouldn’t wait to be opened. Instead, serve your breakfast in a mason jar and gather around the tree while you eat. (via At the Picket Fence)


7. Caramel Apple Mason Jar Breakfast Parfait: Your guests will love having caramel apples for breakfast, and you’ll love that the protein will keep the family full until Christmas dinner. (via The Two Bite Club)


8. Mocha Overnight Oats: The holidays call for a little extra caffeine. Get a much needed bonus dose at breakfast with a more filling version of your mocha latte. (via The Healthy Maven)


9. Pomegranate Almond Oatmeal: Winter calls for oatmeal, but Christmas morning is not the time to slave over the stove. Chocolate and pomegranate make this breakfast extra festive. (via BS’ in the Kitchen)


10. Snickerdoodle Vegan Overnight Oats: Turn everyone’s favorite holiday cookie into delicious overnight oats with only six ingredients. It only takes 10 minutes on Christmas Eve to whip these up. (via Food Faith Fitness)


11. Banana Bread in a Jar: If you’re heading over to a friend or family member’s to open presents Christmas morning, bring a batch of these as a hostess gift that everyone can enjoy. (via Bakerette)

12. Baked Breakfast Eggs: Before you start unwrapping the candy from your stocking, fuel up on this protein and veggie-packed breakfast. (via Food in Jars)

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13. Overnight Quinoa: This is about to be your new favorite breakfast. Use quinoa in place of oats to get a healthy, protein-packed Christmas morning breakfast. (via PopSugar)

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