We’re just gonna come right out and say it: We love coffee. Whether it’s wine coffee, a java-themed lip kit, the world’s most expensive cup, or a simple $1 brew, we love it all. It’s a fact McDonald’s must be in on, as the fast food giant (which was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons when its Twitter account was hacked) is getting ready to roll out not one, not two, but THREE new espresso-based creations.

Currently being tested in the Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto areas of Northern California (we’re beyond jealous), the potential menu additions include: a hot and iced Caramel Macchiato (espresso, caramel-flavored syrup, and steamed milk, topped with caramel drizzle), a French Vanilla Cappuccino (essentially the same as the caramel macchiato with vanilla flavoring and foam instead of caramel drizzle), and an Americano (espresso and hot water).

If the drinks receive a positive response, they will likely be rolled out across the country shortly after their trial run and, according to Brand Eating, the company is doing everything it can to make sure people love the new coffee concoctions. “The restaurants serving the drinks have upgraded to new espresso machines that are better at steaming milk and are meant to improve all McCafe beverages, including mochas, lattes, and hot chocolate,” reports the site. Can we put in a request for a taste test?

Fingers crossed all goes well for nationwide launch!

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty)