So you thought metal and cakes didn’t go together? Wrong! Although gold and silver may leave the “inedible” impression, the food dye used to make it is just like any other color addition. The gilded look feels ultra-contemporary but still pairs well with classic details. Dive in head first with a completely gilded cake or simply add metallic details for a subtle touch. Check out these 20 stunning examples of metallic cakes done exactly right.

1. Geometric Accents: Instead of going with metallic frosting, gold was used to create a stunning geometric pattern that perfectly reflects the playfulness of the rest of the wedding. (via Ruffled)

2. Gold Honeycomb: Just lightly dusting a honeycomb texture onto a cake with gold powder instantly turns it into an amazing work of art. (via The Cake Blog)

3. Bohemian Blue: Only the top of this almost-frosted cake was dipped in a golden glaze for a very soft metallic glow. (via Glamour and Grace)

4. French Metals: Since gold is such a striking color, you don’t need a very big cake to make a huge impression! (via Love My Dress)

5. Silver Chevron: By just adding silver accents to the middle tier, you keep your cake from starting to look like disco ball. Unless you want that effect, in which case, we don’t blame ya! (via The Knot)

6. Black Polka Dots: Isn’t this cake just dreamy? The bold black dots are the perfect accent to the gold and pink palette. (via The Cake Blog)

7. Tiffany Blue: With that shade of bright blue and silver leaf, this little cake looks more like a jewelry box than a dessert. (via Helena Kastinis)

8. Golden Yellow Saffron Cake: Like an oil painting with vibrant tones of yellow and saffron, the intensity of this yellow cake really makes the gold accents glow. (via The Cake Blog)

9. Pastel and Metallics: A metallic wedding cake is something even the guys will get excited about, seeing as it’s not overly feminine. Also because… who doesn’t love cake!? (via Ruffled)

10. Watercolor Brushstrokes: This elegant cake was part of a wedding held in a museum, making the watercolor strokes especially appropriate. (via Glamour and Grace)

11. Band of Gold: To keep a sleek profile, just go with a single band of gold and then accent with a single branch of leaves or flowers. (via Brides)

12. Black + White + Gold: A bold black and white print is contrasted with shades of blush and soft wisps of gold, while extra tall tiers play canvas to a bouquet of anemones, roses and peony buds. (via The Cake Blog)

13. Golden Birthdays: Metallic cakes aren’t just for weddings! Gold cakes seem appropriate for celebrating golden years like birthdays and anniversaries, too. (via Charm City Cakes)

14. DIY Gold Sequin Cake: You can use edible metallic powders to get this textured, almost-matte metallic layer on your cake. (via The Cake Blog)

15. Gold Sequins: We love the different textures of this cake, from the softness of the flower petals to the 3D texture of the gold confetti sequin tiers and, of course, that mint green color. (via The Cake Blog)

16. Purple and Gold: How fun is that thick, painterly frosting! (via The Wedding Chicks)

17. Golden Dessert Table: Probably the most glam dessert table we’ve ever seen, the textures range from organic golden blooms to sharp gold shapes for a whole range of gilded deliciousness. (via Lael Cakes)

18. White + Gold: It’s the simplicity of this cake that makes it so perfect. (via Style Me Pretty)

19. Golden Tiles: Not only are the little decorated tiles on this cake gorgeous, but there are ombre blue flowers, too?!?!? We’re smitten. (via Project Wedding)

20. Hidden Treasure: The gold is subtly tucked behind a waterfall of flowers for a more demure metallic look. (via The Cake Blog)

Do you prefer the accents or would you frost everything in silver? Talk to us in the comments below!