While Gilmore Girl fans have been swooning over Milo Ventimiglia for years, current viewers of This Is Us have fallen for him as the lovable-yet-doomed Jack Pearson. However long you’ve been on #TeamJess, er, #TeamMilo, you’ll know that he loves his fans as much as they adore him. That’s why they’ve been wondering why he quit Instagram. Now he’s explained the unexpectedly artistic reason behind his Insta-disappearance.

Milo Ventimiglia

Fans will be happy to hear that the @miloanthonyventimiglia account still exists on Instagram and anyone interested in seeing the world through Ventimiglia’s eyes should definitely take a peek at the gorgeous pics. However, if you take a glimpse at the number of posts, you’ll see that it sits at 1,999. And that’s not likely to change any time soon.

Though we might assume that Ventimiglia merely felt the need to step back (like Demi Lovato did, for example), it turns out that there’s a totally artistic reason behind the actor’s now-silent account.

There we have it. He didn’t quit Instagram because of, er, overly affectionate fans or any other of the perils celebs face when living online. He quit Instagram because, as an artist, he felt his piece was complete. Excuse us while we crush even harder on him now.

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(h/t AP; photo via Paras Griffin/Getty)