M&M’s is crowdsourcing its next new product launch with the M&M’S Flavor Vote Experience. You can vote online for one of three dark chocolate candies with a crispy rice center: raspberry, chocolate, and mint. In addition, like the Color Factory or Ice Cream Museum, M&M’s is also opening a live ‘experience’ with three Instagram-worthy rooms corresponding to each flavor, located in lower Manhattan at 201 Mulberry Street. We got a sneak peek of the experience and tried the new flavors — You can too from 10am to 7pm this weekend April 21 to April 22.

Inside the raspberry lounge, plush pink bean bags are stacked high — 12 feet tall — against an scalloped magenta headboard. You can sit, climb, jump (with caution, of course), or simply take photos with props that say things like “berry much a winner.” The espresso room is complete with a massive espresso machine that makes steam in the corner. It also includes a large coffee mug that can fit at least three people and a metallic spoon. The mint room contains a faux snow pit filled with foamy cubes.

M&M’S product developer, Danielle Dossantos, told Brit + Co. that her team began with over 100 trendy flavors and worked their way down to these three final flavors via consumer-based focus groups. The process was similar to the flavor vote of 2016, which introduced the coffee nut flavor. Unlike other M&Ms, all three of these flavors are made with dark chocolate, which is a change for the nearly 80-year-old brand. If you love M&M’s Crispy, you’ll love that the raspberry flavor has that classic rice crisp center, while the espresso and mint flavor have a cocoa rice crisp center.

Of all the flavors, the mint was our personal favorite as it’s like chomping on a Thin Mints (without the price tag, of course). But you do you and vote for what you’d love to see hit store shelves. The winning flavor will be announced in August.

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(Photos via M&M’s)