From the moment you two met, it was love at first sight. That’s right — we’re talkin’ about the steadfast relationship between you and your mom. And while Mother’s Day gifts with flowers are one of our favorite go-tos, this year, consider giving Mom a present that’s a bit more permanent (okay, very permanent). Snag a Mother’s Day tattoo that shows Mom she is, and always will be, your number-one lady. Whether you two are the type to get matching mother-daughter best-friend tattoos or you’re looking for ink that symbolizes the kind of incredible woman your mom really is, scroll through these 15 mom tattoos and find the perfect tat that celebrates your awesome mom.

1. Animal Kingdom: No matter how old you get, you’re always following her lead. Show the woman whose footsteps you still follow just how much she means to you with a nature-inspired mother-child tattoo.

2. Matching Set: She’s the Lorelei to your Rory! And what better way to show off a mother-daughter relationship that’s *always* in sync than a pair of matching floral tattoos?

3. What’s in a Name: Honor the woman, not just the title. Ink yourself with your mother’s name to show she’s more to you than just a mom.

4. Portrait: She’s the gal that gives your life color. Capture your mother’s image with a super-unique, graphic tat.

5. Traditional Heart: This classic tat is an ode to temporary tattoos past. Put your mom love on display the traditional way with this good old-fashioned MOM tattoo.

6. Cats: You’re not just cat ladies; you’re a cat family! Show the world crazy runs in the family (in a good way!) with a super cute mother-and-kitten tat.

7. Mamma: Your mom wears many hats: sister, daughter, wife, cheerleader. But to you, her sweetest name will always be Mom. Wear your love proud in the form of some sentimental ink.

8. Ma: Wear your mama feels on the DL. This tiny wrist tat is the perfect way of subtly displaying your daughterly love.

9. Infinity: Sons can show their moms love too. Show your favorite gal you’ll love her ’til infinity (plus one!) with this minimalist symbol tat.

10. Hot Air Balloon: She’s got the kind of love that always lifts you up. Celebrate the woman who has given you *tons* of encouragement with a beautifully illustrated work of art.

11. Favorite Things: Get a tat filled with your mom’s favorite things. From her teatime ritual to her signature pearls, give the world a glimpse of the awesome kind of lady your mom is.

12. Elephants: Above most animals, elephants are known for their capacity to forge deep emotional bonds. Commemorate that bond between you and your mom with a sweet little tat of an elephant and her calf.

13. Diamond: Put your mom’s multifaceted nature on display. Like a diamond, your mom is both beautiful and tough as all get-out.

14. Sewing Machine: From stitching together your best (and worst) Halloween costumes to sewing on the patches of your Girl Scout badges, your mom and her Singer go together like a needle and thread (see what we did there?). Carry a reminder of the woman who raised you with a tat that shows off her favorite hobbies.

15. Roots: Whether we like to believe it or not, all mothers had a life before they were Mom. Sport some ink that displays your mom’s hometown roots.

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