Congrats are in order this morning for both Bristol Palin, who secretly got married, and Kristin Cavallari, who celebrated her third anniversary with husband Jay Cutler 鈥 check out all the rest of the buzz below!

1. Bristol Palin had a secret wedding:聽25-year-old Bristol made things official with her baby daddy, Dakota Meyer, wedding the Marine Corp. vet in a secret ceremony. 鈥淲e are so happy to share with loved ones the wonderful news that we got married! Hard work and God鈥檚 grace are the foundation of our new life together, and with the love and support of our family, we know we can get through anything,鈥 she told Entertainment Tonight. While it hasn鈥檛 always been smooth sailing for the duo聽 鈥攖hey were previously engaged for one month before calling it off and then getting pregnant with daughter Sailor Grace 鈥 they look happy as can be in Dakota鈥檚 most recent photo from the two鈥檚 honeymoon. Congrats, guys! 聽聽(Photo via @dakotameyer0317)

2: Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler ring in their third wedding anniversary together: It鈥檚 been three years since The Hills聽(coming to a big screen near you?) star Kristin Cavallari wed Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and the parents of three spent a night out on the town to celebrate, with Kristin posting this sweet snap along with the caption, 鈥淗appy anniversary to my man! I truly love him more and more every day and there鈥檚 no one else I鈥檇 rather be on this wild ride with.鈥 (Photo via @kristincavallari)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MAY 06: TV host Paula Abdul attends Goldie Hawn's Annual Goldie's Love In For Kids on May 06, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

3. Paula Abdul got more than she bargained for on So You Think You Can Dance: 12-year-old Chi Tahini performed her little heart out on So You Think You Can Dance as one does to Beyonce Formation (check Bey out on tour now): 聽So hard, in fact, that she just couldn鈥檛 help but get sick 鈥 all over judge Paula Abdul. Paula was as gracious as could be, saying (鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, hunny, it鈥檚 okay,鈥) followed by, 鈥淚鈥檝e never had anyone just vomit on me like that!鈥 Chi, for her part, didn鈥檛 let it get her down. She received a ticket to the next round, and ran out of the room screaming in excitement. 鈥淪he just hugged me too tight!鈥 she shrugged off her post-show snafu. (Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

4. Disney is opening its first Shanghai resort and it looks amaze: Disney is set to open its newest resort in Shanghai on June 16, with some pretty huge attractions up its sleeve. The castle, for one, will actually be the largest Disney castle in the world. Tomorrowland also looks pretty badass, with a Tron themed ride that looks out of this world, and Adventureland looks like something straight out of a movie. This one may just be worth the trip! (Photo via Disney Parks)

Attn Neighbors! Anyone know who this sweet little boy is? Every now and then when he rides his bike he will quickly come and love on my dog or play fetch real quick, but always leaves quick like he doesn&\u0026\u0026#039;s welcome to stay and play, she loves the attention!

Posted by Hollie Breaux Mallet on Monday, May 30, 2016

5: This video of a little boy sneaking into his neighbors鈥 garage to hug their dog is the best: Cause sometimes you just really need a hug of the furry variety, ya know? 聽(Photo via HollieBreaux Mallet)

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 06: Actress Olivia Wilde attends the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom on June 6, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淚 think if you鈥檙e not getting [any hate], you鈥檙e not saying anything worthwhile. So I take it as a badge of honor.鈥 Olivia Wilde to Cosmopolitan.(Photo via Jamie McCarthy)

(Photo via Araya Diaz/Getty)