When you’re somewhere in between the weepy “Someone Like You” stage and the rage-filled “Since You’ve Been Gone” period of your breakup, taking a pause from your feelings can be a *very* good thing. Enter the museum: a place to pick up some major culture points while also gaining insight from incredible artists who’ve gone through the same heartbreak. And who knows, it might just inspire you to find new love, as we saw happen during The Bachelor’s field trip to the Museum of Broken Relationships. Scroll on for 10 must-visit museums that’ll cure your broken heart.

1. Museum of Broken Relationships, Los Angeles: While your visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships probably won’t be as dramatic as Nick and the contests on The Bachelor, the exhibits are definitely still worth checking out. Revel in the heartbreak and emerge from the museum ready to do the “Single Ladies” dance. (Photo via Frederic J Brown/Getty)


2. Städel Museum, Germany: Give your brain a break and leave the romantic musings to the artists of Städel Museum’s “Battle of the Sexes” exhibit. You’ll get your fill of incredibly famous painters, including one of our true faves, Frida Kahlo. (Photo via Städel Museum)


3. Mak, Austria: Whether your post-breakup mood is “NOBODY TALK TO ME” or you’re more of a no-such-thing-as-too-many-romcoms kinda gal, the Mak’s “Erotic Art from Japan” exhibit will satisfy all your needs. From pensive ladies to couples in the throes of passion, this artwork doesn’t disappoint. (Photo via Mak)

4. Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas: While tempting, drinking away your blues is not the way to cure a broken heart. Enjoy your booze vicariously with a trip to the DMA’s fascinating and silly “Shaken, Stirred, Styled: The Art of the Cocktail” exhibit. Who knew you could have a tumbler with butts?!

5. Frist Center for Visual Art, Nashville, Tennessee: If your feelings (and tears) could fill a few oceans and then some, then “Claire Morgan: Can’t Stop Me Feeling” is for you. She creates haunting and beautifully elaborate webs that represent the tenuous connections between all of us.

6. Tate Liverpool, England: Ever been convinced you and your soulmate were born in the wrong decade? Tate Liverpool hears you. Their “Tracey Emin and William Blake” exhibit combines the passionate art of contemporary artist Tracey Emin with the romantic and emotional poetry of William Blake, creating a surprisingly powerful union.

7. The Freud Museum, England: While Freud may not have gotten everything right about psychology, he was definitely onto something. Wander through this museum devoted to the brain doc and you might just come out with a better understanding of the heartbreakers in your life.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Johanson

8. Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Chicago, Illinois: Sometimes your post-breakup feelings just need a hefty reality check; a nice reminder that pain isn’t an island. In this exhibit, contemporary artists explore the pain and heartbreak caused by major national events, like the Japanese internment camps and bloody conflicts between Native Americans and the US government. (Photo via Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art)

9. Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, New York: Take a note from Beyoncé and celebrate your newly single life with a freakum dress or two from FIT’s “Black Fashion Designers” exhibit. You’ll go home with all the inspo you need to stun your future suitors.

10. Channel Islands Maritime Museum, Oxnard, California: When you’re ready to throw yourself back in the game, don’t settle for just anyone. Take your cues from “Love Letters Home,” an exhibit of achingly romantic letters between sailors and their faraway loved ones. Lesson learned: If you can’t get a text back, toss them back into the ocean. There’s way cooler (and more communicative) fish in the sea.

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(Featured photo via Rick Rowell/Getty)