With all of our tech quickly turning into smart devices, it’s hard to keep up. Like, is this a normal tape dispenser or is it a smart tape dispenser with laser-precision cuts? And are these normal chopsticks or are they smart chopsticks that can detect sanitation levels? It seems like anything and everything can become smart with the right programming. Soon we’re going to need some smart musical artists out in the mainstream to match these smart headphones. Yeah, you read that right — smart headphones.

Muzik headphones don’t just look, feel and sound great because of sleek design, comfortable and durable materials and a high quality sound system — they’re great because they’re customized to you. They’re connected to your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so you can share what you’re listening to by tapping one of the four Hot Keys on the right earcup. The other three Hot Keys activate Siri or voice control, play/pause your music and interchange between your music streaming apps.

The four Hot Keys can be customized to your liking through the Muzik app (coming soon to both iOS and Android). This app is also where you link your main music apps, such as SoundCloud and Rdio, to your headphones so it’s easy to find the songs you want to listen to through your Hot Keys. Don’t worry about using up those magic keys up for changing tracks and volume, because that can be done with a flick of your hand. The Muzik headphones have gesture controls that skip tracks, replay tracks and turn the volume up or down.

These smart headphones are wireless, so you can jam out and dance freely without worrying about getting tangled. If you’re more of a calm jammer and prefer being plugged in via cord, you’re in luck: Muzik comes with that option too. Muzik headphones also have two microphones built into the bottom of the earcups so you can answer calls without having to take them off. And trust us, you won’t want to take them off, because the earcups are lined with memory foam cushions.

Muzik headphones ($299) are currently taking pre-orders and they should be shipped to you early next year.

Are you going to start 2015 smart with a pair of the world’s first smart headphones? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!