We all wish we could have a photographic memory. It would be amazing to recall those perfect candid moments from parties with friends, dinners out, gorgeous hikes or amazing vacations. And sure, you can take photos, but no one wants to miss out on experiencing life by being stuck behind a camera.

Now, thanks to a new product called Narrative, you don鈥檛 have to. It鈥檚 a tiny clip-on camera that automatically takes photos from your point of view every 30 seconds, essentially capturing each potentially memorable moment from your day.

We鈥檝e seen some pretty cool wearables in the past, and we love the hands-free ability to snap up photos of life鈥檚 most silly, happy and poignant moments. It鈥檚 like having that photographic memory you always wanted, with none of the hassle.

You can also use Narrative to take manual photos. The camera can store up to 6,000 images, and automatically uploads your 鈥渕oments鈥 (as similarly grouped pics are called) to the cloud. The rechargeable 30-hour battery and desktop application let you connect to Narrative at all times (not to mention easily sort through and upload albums to your Facebook).

The Narrative is available for $230.

Now tell us, would you use this never-stopping camera? Is it the tool you鈥檝e been waiting for? Let us know in the comments below!