There’s no shortage of ways to share your most epic life moments with your online pals, but none of them are quite as instant as we’d like them to be. Snapping a pic of your favorite rock star mid-note from the front row or recording vid to share with the fam of your little ones creating soon-to-be fridge masterpieces requires you to disengage with the experience IRL to create a post-worthy one through the lens. And WE don’t have to tell you what a bummer that can be. But now the startup Catch Motion has come up with a way to capture and share everything you see instantaneously + hands-free with its first product Lightbox, which they’re calling “a social wearable camera.”

Hmm, did you red flag the term “wearable” right away too? Not surprisingly, CA7CH looks as clunky as its name is to type. A brooch, it is not, though measuring just 1.5 inches on each side, it’s leaps and bounds sleeker than GoPro or Autographer and way less outfit-altering than even the most “stylish” renditions of Google Glass. But even though we’ve spent LOTS of time campaigning for makers of wearables to design things actually worth wearing, we really are okay with Lightbox’s obvious look since the device isn’t just monitoring the person it’s bound to. We have a feeling that caught-on-cam folks won’t be entirely shocked to learn that there is something techy behind that not-so-hidden, Square reader-shaped pin.

The tiny, waterproof device is ready to capture everything in front of you from the second you clip it onto your t-shirt, tote bag or ball cap. You can take photos, video (+ live stream!) and GIFs with Lightbox and shoot them to your phone or cloud storage via a wireless or Bluetooth connection with just a single click. Or set the camera to auto-share so that your social feeds update as often as the shutter blinks. Even if you’re in a place where there’s no connectivity, Lightbox is built with a hefty-for-its-size 8GB of internal memory to store your most sharable moments.

You can control all of the camera’s public and privacy settings plus other core camera functions through its smartphone app. There, you’ll be able to see your media from the cam’s POV and tinker with framing and composition. You’ll also be able to add filters, frames, stickers and patch text.

Once you’ve tricked it out, you can easily share your mini-cam moments to FB, Twitter and other social networks, including the app’s own Events stream aka the new + improved group chat. Tagged friends who are also equipped with a Lightbox can snap pictures, share videos and post comments about a specific “Event” to combine many unique perspectives into one private feed. The result could be a powerful, multi-context record of whatever you + your buds are up to, from various angles of your kooky lunchtime encounter with a taco-delivering drone to each one of your intimate perspectives as you celebrate your bestie’s wedding. We bet those newlyweds would be stoked to see their special day in such a different light! Alternately, adventurous spirits with lazy bones can use the app to “drop into” public Events to see what other users are up to.

If there was ever a doubt that the Internet wasn’t full of excitable oversharers, then you’d just need to take a look at Lightbox’s Kickstarter for confirmation: The wearable share-all has already doubled its Kickstarter goal with more than three weeks to go. Grab one now for $149 and get $40 off of the list price + free 5GB of lifetime cloud storage. The devices are set to ship around Halloween, so start planning your trick-or-treat pranks now. We’re sure the reactions are something we’d all want to see!

Would you rock Lightbox? How would you use this wearable camera? Tell us in the comments below.