Drink up, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Negroni Week — an entire week dedicated to the classic cocktail. Traditionally made from one part gin, one part vermouth and one part Campari, the drink is usually garnished with an orange peel and served right before a meal. Fun fact: The Negroni was created upon a request by an Italian man, Count Camillo Negroni, circa 1919 in Florence at Bar Casoni.

And though we welcome any reason to celebrate this elegant concoction, take note that Negroni Week wasn’t created for no reason. It’s a global initiative for charity. Bartenders sell their unique creations, and $1 of the sale goes to their charity of choice. Launched in 2013, the celebration of the Negroni has spread to more than 3,500 bars in 28 countries around the globe. Campari is sweetening the deal: the bar that sells the most Negroni-inspired cocktails will score $10,000 to give to charity. All the more reason to go out and drink this week. But if you prefer celebrating in the comfort of your home, we understand. Here’s a guide to help you bartend yourself and your friends. Perhaps just reserve the money you’d otherwise spend for philanthropy.


1. Negroni Cocktail Two Ways: Do you prefer bourbon or gin? These two classic recipes are the fundamentals. Master them both, and you’ll be well on your way to creating fun riffs. (via Bourbon and Honey)


2. White Negroni: Whoever said a Negroni had to be ruby red? This exquisite version has all the same flavors with a lighter touch. You add in gin, vermouth, Salers Aperitif and a lemon twist garnish, instead of orange. (via Food52)

Photo by Karen Tedesco

3. Rosemary No. 2 Blood Orange Negroni: A creamy Negroni cocktail made with Campari, gin, vermouth and made unique with blood orange and a muddled sprig of rosemary. A touch of sugar sweetens the deal. (via Family Style Food)


4. Pink Negroni: Perfect for a girl’s night in, this chic pink-hued Negroni uses light Lillet Blanc and fresh lemon juice. It’s bright and floral. For the optimal effect, strain into a martini glass. (via Saveur)


5. Blood Orange Whiskey: This recipe uses the world’s best whiskey — the Yamazaki Single Malt, made in Kyoto with extremely pure water. You’re supposed to drink it straight up, but we don’t object to using blood orange and Campari to fluff it up. (via Climbing Grier Mountain)


6. Negroni Flip: This requires quite a bit of shaking and muscle power, but if you can get the texture just right, the creamy payoff is well worth it. Garnish with an orange peel, and add a bit of simple syrup. (via Molly and Brandon on Food52)


7. Negroni Sphere: If you’re set on impressing, then this is the perfect DIY project to attempt. This spherical ice cube is filled with Negroni. To serve, crack it open with a miniature ax and there you have it — instant Negroni on the rocks. (via Honestly Yum)


8. Negroni Punch: If you’re hosting a party, consider this Negroni punch recipe. In addition to the classics, you’ll need bottles of chilled Prosecco and cups of assorted fruit for this. ( via Bon Appetit)


9. Grapefruit Negroni: We love this sultry-hued Negroni, spiked with a bit of grapefruit juice for color. To keep with the theme, swap out that classic orange peel for grapefruit. (via Simple Cooking)

Two Negronis

10. Bittersweet Negroni: If you have a couple of kumquats on hand, this recipe will fit you nicely. It’s a bittersweet citrus fruit that pairs extremely well with the bittersweet flavor profiles of the Negroni. Add a splash of Processo for fizz. (via The Cilantropist)

Will you be making your own Negronis at home? Let us know your take on the classic in the comments below.