Neil Patrick Harris (NPH to those in the know) has defined relationship goals with his hubs and cute-as-button children for a while now and today he took a selfie that was the physical embodiment of #squadgoals.

There are a lot of contenders in this category: Ellen’s Oscars selfie, Amy/JLaw jetskiing, the infamous “Harry Potter and the Game of Dr.Who Thrones” mashup, but this gem NPH just snapped deserves a spot in this hallowed pantheon because it also fulfills our TV crossover dreams.

NPH and your celebrity BFF Mindy Kaling were making the morning/daytime TV rounds and bumped into each other. What happened next was nothing short of selfie magic.

Shout out to this lady in the background who is doing EXACTLY what we would have done in that situation: photobomb hard core!

We know they’re real people who just happened to run into one another BUT we’re stuck day dreaming about the How I Met Your Mother/Mindy Project crossover that never was. They’re both set in New York — it could totally happen! What if Barney settled down with a nice, if bumbling, gynecologist? What if she helped deliver Marshall and Lily’s baby? What if they all sat around and tried to play a rousing game of Marshgamon one day and hilarity ensued? Frankly this is the ONLY person we’d be okay with Ted marrying after (SPOILER) the real mother dies. Sorry, Robin, but the series finale was kind of a cop out.

We’ll be accepting your HIMYMindy fan fictions by post or email, please and thank you.

Which TV crossover would you be stoked to see? Tell us in the comments!

(Images via @ActuallyNPH, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)