Nondescript basics are very on-trend for 2015 (we’re looking at you, Yeezy), but there’s more to life than nudes and essentials. This week we’re taking our office supplies back to a time when hair was bigger, clothes were tighter and colors were brighter. That’s right — the ’80s are back. We already love our neon in fashion, home decor and wedding designs, so now we’re bringing the party to our stationery. Here are our favorite neon office supplies guaranteed not to put baby in a corner.

1. Take Note “It’s What’s Inside” Large Notebook ($22): Bold is beautiful, and this neon green 168-page journal is definitive proof. Whether you fill it with thoughts, sketches or to-do lists, this mega-sized notebook will serve as a daily reminder: “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

2. One in a Million Business Card Holder ($30): Molly Ringwald isn’t the only one who’s pretty in pink. This monogrammed business card holder from Kate Spade is effortlessly gorgeous and a networking must.

3. Random Crap Notebook ($12): Give your quirks a home with this super fun large jotter in vibrant blue. For inspiration, look to the signature squiggles of Happy Jackson on the inside cover.

4. Primary Shapes Note Set ($16): Get geometric with this ultra-bright set of primary notes. With neon colors on one side and a white canvas on the other, they easily transform from 1988 to today.

5. Conversation Bubble Sticky Note ($2): It’s always time to socialize, especially in the ’80s. Share your bright ideas with Yoobi’s sticky-notes-turned-conversation-starters. For every Yoobi item purchased, a school supply will be donated to a US classroom in need.

6. Ballpoint Retractable Pens ($3): We’re all for saving a buck, but it is time to chuck those boring generic pens. These retractable beauties have an ergonomic triangle barrel with a molded grip and feature bright and beautiful neon colors — all for the same cost as the generic brand.

7. KÄNNETECKEN Paper clips ($1): From bookmarks to paper clips, Designer Mikael Axelsson’s Kännetcken products are bold, geometric and totally ’80s.

8. Bright Ideas Pencils ($13): They say you find inspiration in the little things. Is it possible that they were just talking about a trusty No. 2 pencil? These classically colored graphite pencils are ready to pump up the positivity for your daily writing jaunts.

9. Owl Crowd Neon Page Clips ($5): Never lose your page again with these neon magnetic page markers. Laser cut with numbers one to four, they are the perfect stylish companion to any reading and revision master.

10. Neon Glitter Stag Heads ($9): Brighten up the office with these bright and festive stag heads. Not only are they coated in beautiful neon, but their glittery exterior also sparkles in white light.

11. Handwritten Note Ball Point Pen ($36): Don’t toil over your Christmas letters with a dull companion. Spark color into your pencil cup with these fun and bold ballpoint pens, complete with Kate Spade’s signature “she” statements, of course.

12. 100 Parcel Gift Tags ($19): Whether you use them for Christmas gifts, luggage tags or random notes, these bold neon parcel gift tags are a sure showstopper. Buy in bulk for a neon stockpile that will last you all year round.

13. Letter Tray Desk Set ($20): Staying organized need not be boring. This detachable desk set has two compartments: one for your writing utensils and one for all your important documents.

14. Superstoked Boxed Notes Set of 10 ($13): It’s time to get stoked. This paint-splattered neon yellow note set is perfect for spreading a little bit of cheer to friends and family.

What is your favorite ’80s neon desk accessory? Let us know in the comments below!