New Apple Emoji Include a Woman With a Headscarf and a Breastfeeding Mom
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New Apple Emoji Include a Woman With a Headscarf and a Breastfeeding Mom

No one needs to convince us that emoji can speak louder than words (👍💖😘), which is why we’re beyond excited for every update to the tiny pics that have become integral to our way of texting. And today, as World Emoji Day rolls around once again (yes, it really is a thing), Apple is celebrating by announcing a slew of super awesome new emoji.

They’re already approved by the Unicode Consortium (the fancy-shmancy peeps who oversee all emoji) and set to be released later this year (most likely along with the launch of the iPhone 8), and we’re definitely giving a big 👍 to these latest additions. We’re loving the T-rex and zebra and can’t be mad about the sandwich, natch.

The elf is adorable and the zombie is perfectly creepy, but we’re wondering why the bearded dude looks like he’s straight outta the ‘80s.

The vomit emoji got itself an update (ew!), and you can now use an emoji to express that you’ve had your mind blown.

But we have to say: We’re most excited about the emoji of a woman with a headscarf and a woman breastfeeding. Inclusivity, FTW!

While there will inevitably be backlash about some of the new emoji as well as demands for more (where’s the flamingo?!), we have to say that these few additions get an A+ in our books.

What do you think about the new emojis? Which ones do you still want to see added? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Mashable; photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty, Apple)