These days, master bakers can make a cake look like just about anything — the Kremlin, an octopus, a pair of shoes. But the Shoe Bakery is not for making cakes look like a pair of pumps. It’s for making shoes look like cakes! And donuts! And ice cream!

The details on these elaborate dessert shoes are…well, delicious. The icing piping techniques are right on point, and we can’t get over that cookie texture. What makes these dessert recreations so lifelike are the imperfections. The bits of icing “dripping” on the gingerbread-house pumps or the ice cream melting onto the platform bottoms of the mint ice cream pair. Those are the lifelike details that have our sweet teeth acting up like, whoa.

Founder Chris Campbell said, “When starting a design, we try to think of common desserts and think about how we can transform them into a shoe.” The details are crafted with real baker tools to get the right texture.

“I love shoes and sweets so why not put them together?” Campbell says. We couldn’t agree more! You can buy your own pair right now. Flats run between $70 and $150 and heels go from $250 to $350. You can call and get customized shoes to match your outfit or your cake, for upwards of $400.

See the full collection at the Shoe Bakery website. (Pro tip: These would make a great addition to a Katy Perry Halloween costume, just sayin’!) Just be sure to let all admirers know that they are not edible.

Would you wear sweets on your feet? Let us know where you’d wear these in the comments!

(h/t Time)