Budgeting and holidays are never good together (seriously, can those two just break up already?) So if you’re trying to revamp your interiors without spending too much money this winter, IKEA is definitely the best place to start. Whether you need extra storage or are just looking for some easy DIY gift ideas, you can make inexpensive furniture look impressive with these 16 genius new DIYs. Even the in-laws won’t be able to judge your home decor this year.

1. DIY Midcentury IKEA Desk: You spend a lot of time at that desk, so make it a good one. Pretty = productive, right? Create a retro desk silhouette using less than $50 worth of supplies with this clever hack. (via Dream Green DIY)

2. Painted Baskets: Give your craft room some extra storage with this two-step DIY that packs some serious color. (via Tell Love and Party)

3. Catch-all Wall Pockets: IKEA’s cork trivets are the perfect size for making wall decorations like color-blocked clocks or these rustic-chic leather pockets. (via The Jungalow)

4. IKEA Night Stand Revamp: Roll out the marble contact paper and pick out a glam piece of hardware to give this simple nightstand a girly makeover. (via Made by Monique)

5. Rast IKEA Hack: If you don’t really want to commit a whole weekend to painting a big piece of furniture, give your IKEA dresser a simple geometric pattern and leave the rest natural. And add some cool knobs for extra flair. (via Hawthorne and Main)

6. IKEA Step Stool: While the unfinished wood of IKEA furniture gives a nice, Nordic vibe, it isn’t always the easiest to keep clean, especially if kids are using it. Give a step stool a cheery painted makeover and you won’t mind having it front and center in the kitchen. (via Pastels and Macarons)

7. Cork Coasters to Jewelry Dishes: The little lip on these IKEA cork coasters makes them the perfect option for corralling all those escaped earrings and bobby pins. (via One O)

8. Side Table Hack: IKEA furniture and contact paper just go together like PB&J. Once you find a contact paper pattern you like, just roll it on for an instant makeover. It’s so easy you could change the look out every season. (via Pretty Nice)

9. Etched Candles: Or vases or pencil cups or anything else glass you have sitting around that could use a fancy (and ridiculously easy) new etching makeover. (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

10. Cork Stool: Paint is always one of the first go-to options when you think IKEA hack, but have you ever thought of adding cork to the top of your stools? (via Anna Maria)

11. Leather Dresser Pulls: If you’re not sure that you want to try drilling a hole for a knob (how do you find center anyways??), give these cool leather pulls a try. It’s as easy as hitting a couple of nails. (via Sugar & Cloth)

12. Gold Gilded Vases: Instead of going for the gold-dipped look, give your vases an “edgy” (see what we did there) look using torn newspaper and gold spray paint. (via Le Zoe Musings)

13. Breakfast Tray: Breakfast in bed, working from home, clever way to get your plants off the floor — the options are endless with this pretty little tray. Make it from scratch or just use the tutorial to add legs to an IKEA tray you already own. (via Passion Shake)

14. Balsa Wood Tea Light Candles: Even IKEA would approve of this hack with the natural wood addition. Pick up any little tea light candles from the big store and give them some height with this easy DIY. (via Curbly)

15. Stilted Floor Mirror: The little floor mirrors at IKEA are usually far too short to actually be helpful so you can either mount it on a door or give it a colorful, leggy hack using two unfinished handrails. (via Francois et Moi)

16. Color Blocked Storage: Excuse us while we go buy all the spray paint colors. (via Sugar and Cloth)

What new IKEA hacks have you been trying? We’d love to hear about your projects in the comments below!