Whether you’re giving your rental kitchen an inexpensive makeover or you’re renovating the bathroom of your dreams, updating your drawers’ pulls and knobs is always a good idea. Swapping out hardware can have a dramatic impact for almost zero work, and even just replacing one or two knobs on your dresser or nightstand can turn it into a real statement piece. Here are 16 stylish statement-makers that will steal your heart and update your space.

1. Agate Cabinet Handle Set ($20): Add a touch of nature to your space with these raw-cut agate slice knobs. Each pull is one of a kind, so you’re sure to get a statement piece that is unlike anything else.

2. Shift Drop Pull ($176): If you really need a piece of glam for that nightstand, you can’t go wrong with a chunky asymmetric pull. Part rustic, part sophisticated, the style of this pull would fit into any home decor.

3. Minerva Knob ($14): These gold and stone pieces are drop dead gorgeous. All you’d need is one on your IKEA nightstand to make your room look like a five-star hotel.

4. Blue Bubbles Knob ($12): Stay cool with this fire-polished glass knob. Doesn’t it just look like you could dive right into that pool of blue?

5. Biomorph Brass Knob ($14): Switch out those boring old knobs for something with a more handmade look.

6. Crystal Bar Knob ($18): Add some glam to your dresser or bathroom vanity with these jewels. We think they would also make killer earrings.

7. Copper Hex Knobs ($14): The copper trend is still going strong and these geometric pieces would be perfect for giving your kitchen a little pick-me-up.

8. Leather Trunk Handle ($23): With this snazzy pull, you can choose between brass, copper or chrome-plated brass rivets and several colors of thick leather that will age beautifully on whatever drawer you decide to decorate.

9. Modern Art Knob ($12): Jump on the metallics trend in a cool and modern way with these geometric pieces. Go for some trendy copper accents or try your hand at mixing metallics.

10. Harlow Cabinet Knob ($19): Proudly mount these American-made knobs in your kitchen or bathroom and feel a little smug knowing that these gorgeous brass pieces are made from recycled material.

11. Decca Novelty Knob ($16): The term “knob” is very loosely used here, because obviously this edgy shape is anything but round. We can’t decide which we love more: the unique shape or that soft gold matte finish.

12. Teal and Gold Melon Ceramic Knob ($10): A classic vintage-inspired knob gets all dressed up with some shiny gold accents. These come in a set of two, so you can mix and match even if you’re on a budget.

13. Prismatic Gem Knob ($18): We want these gems to be on our fingers as much as our drawers. Just think of all the good energy those quartz crystals will add to your space.

14. Gold Nugget Knob (price upon request): Small and dainty knobs are so over, which is why this rugged chunk of gold hardware is the perfect fit for your rustic-glam home.

15. Classic Pull ($85): Channel your inner Dorothy Draper with these oversized handles. Clean, neoclassical lines make this pull perfect for drawers or even larger closet doors.

16. Hayden Knob (price upon request): Inspired by men’s cufflinks, these malachite knobs definitely have a handsome, tailored look. Not into green? That’s just fine, because these knobs come in six other shades, including light pink and dark blue.

Do you have your eye on any of these knobs? Tell us which ones are your favorite in the comments below!