It’s been almost a year since we launched the Brit + Co. Shop, and to date, it’s been a great way to help you find everything you need to bring your favorite Brit + Co. projects to life; from Brit Kits picked by you to a creepy Halloween Test Tube Set, the Brit + Co. Shop has been a go-to for all things DIY.

While there’s no such thing as TOO much DIY, we know there are lots of products across the web that can also help you live more simply and creatively — we often feature them in our posts.

That’s why, today, our shop page has a whole new look. The new and improved Brit + Co. Shop makes it even easier to discover all the shoppable products we’ve ever featured on Brit + Co. For instance, we took all of the awesome bike gear we’ve ever written about and created a collection of these 68 creative bike gadgets. And how easy is it to browse all of our favorite shoppable 92 Halloween costumes that we’ve featured over the past month? This only scratches the surface of all the beautiful and creative things you can more easily discover and buy.

So how does it work exactly? Now, when you visit the Brit + Co. Shop, you’ll find a highly curated list of products we think you’ll love. You can filter by category, price, and recency, or even choose the option “Surprise Me” to get a whole lot of awesome randomness.

Shoppable products will also now show up in search results. If you conduct a search on the site (example: “bacon”), you will now see: all of our roundups that include bacon, recipes made with bacon, and shoppable bacon-related products. You might even come across a bacon dress. (C’mon guys, one of you HAS to wear this for Halloween! Please send pics.) You’ll know it’s a shoppable item if you see a red price tag sticker on the image in the feed.

Want a couple more examples of how to use this nifty new feature?

Well, let’s say you’re on the hunt for the perfect hostess gift. Your friend is throwing a fabulous Halloween shindig, and you want to find just the right way to say “thank you”. Now you can visit the Brit + Co. Shop, and click on the Gifts category. Below you’ll see a full list of all the gift ideas we’ve shared on the site. Click into one of these product tiles, and you’ll find a quick summary of why we love it. From there you can click on the product to buy it. Easy, huh?

If you love an item, but don’t necessarily want to buy it now, don’t forget that you can click the Star icon to add it as a Favorite. Doing so will store it within your profile. This is a great way to bookmark all of those goodies you’ll be asking for over the holidays!

A few questions that we’re expecting you guys to turn into FAQs:

1. Why can’t I buy the products directly from you?

Our office is too small to hold them all. Kidding… sort of. The real reason is that we don’t want the things we curate and write about to be inauthentic to what our team truly loves. We have written about nearly 5,000 products in our almost-two-years of life, many of which were found in deep dark holes around the Internet. We love being able to find the coolest and most creative new stuff around without being forced to hold inventory on every single thing. That being said, we will continue to add direct links to buy via Brit + Co. on all things we feel are true to our DIY-obsessed selves — like we’re currently doing with Brit Kits and all of our DIY Halloween party supplies.

2. Some of these products are sold out or the prices are different. Help!

Oh no! That sucks. We added a link on every product page where you can report this type of stuff to us. We consider this a “beta” product, so know that we’ll fix as much as we can, as quickly as we can, and appreciate you helping us in finding all the bugs.

3. How do I get my product(s) into the Brit + Co. Shop?

We will only add items to the shop that make it through our fierce editorial team of curators. So, the real answer is, make a kick ass product and send it to us to check out.

We want to continue to make Brit + Co. a place for you to discover some of the best products and creative ideas on the web. What’s the best way to do this? Get feedback from you guys, of course! Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below, or on Twitter via @BritandCo.

Happy shopping!