Nicki Minaj may not shy away from feuds — just ask Taylor Swift and Remy Ma — but that doesn’t mean that she lacks a generous side. Like, a WIDLY generous side to go along with some mad love for her (grateful) fans. And if you need proof, then check out the move she just pulled off, which may be the most amazingly generous Twitter thread of all time.

Nicki Minaj _ Met Gala 2017

Fans of the queen of rap will be able to tell you that she spent Saturday night retweeting fans’ submissions to her promotional #RegretInYourTears challenge in which she was giving one lucky winner the choice between attending the Billboard Music Awards or joining Minaj in the studio. A+ opportunity right there.

But when one fan randomly asked if Nicki would be able to pay their school tuition, Minaj didn’t shy away. In fact, she was totally ready to support the academic aspirations.

And her generosity didn’t end there. When fans took notice of Nicki’s willingness to lend a hand (or, er, give out some money), she was inundated with tweets asking for help with both tuition and student loans. And she TOALLY stepped up.


While she wasn’t able to cover everyone’s request (even she has a budget), she did promise to repeat the incredibly generous act in a month or two.

So, if you have any student loans or upcoming tuition bills to pay, you may want to follow Nicki Minaj if you could use a little help.

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(h/t Nylon; photo via Mike Coppola/Getty)