Summer entertaining is in full swing, and if you鈥檝e got any sort of yard or even balcony for that matter, now鈥檚 the time to polish it up, make a few phone calls and invite your bestest besties over for an alfresco night with the one and only you. And who better to look to for some relaxed yet beautiful entertaining advice than House of Harlow 1960 designer, Nicole Richie?!

Tucked in the backyard of her Laurel Canyon home, Richie does what she does best. Makes eclectic look chic. You鈥檒l find Moroccan elements, some industrial vibes and vintage looks all rolled into one oasis that we鈥檙e dying to be invited to. But rather than sitting by our inbox waiting for her evite, let鈥檚 make our own little worldly retreat, where we can escape to at the end of a long day.

Richie is big on lighting. From Italian party lights and sparklers (yes, sparklers!) to lanterns and lamps, the girl knows how to keep a party lit up. You can pick up an array of Moroccan inspired lamps ($10-$20) and pillar candles ($10) from World Market. At night, torch them up to create warm and inviting environs for your guests.

When thinking of hues, make sure your color story is cohesive. Richie went with turquoises, yellows, blues, a black anchor and subtle gold accents.

Tableware is an easy look to steal from any celeb home (or normal person home for that matter). Gold leafing votives, glasses and plates is something you can totally do with any glass and tableware that you already own. By Wilma and A Beautiful Mess can both walk you through the step-by-steps or you can pick up a set of four cocktail glasses for $56, then finish off the look with a set of four indigo napkins ($78) from Anthropologie.

You can pick up some Tolix-style chairs from Target for $100 for a set of two. Go ahead and leave most of them their gunmetal grey and paint a couple as accent pieces. We鈥檙e digging this paint color called Synergy. And by now you can handle making a succulent arrangement for your center piece, right?

When you live in L.A., there is only one season, and that season is summer. Richie takes full advantage of her location by making her outdoor space somewhere you could and would want to hang out all day long. We鈥檙e absolutely swooning over Richie鈥檚 backyard teepee. The mural is all California and was created by Clamdiggin.

You might not be able to spring for artist-painted fabric, but you can still absolutely hack your own teepee with this how-to from The Handmade Home. We suggest grabbing some Stockholm fabric from Ikea for $9 per yard. It鈥檚 got both your yellows and black covered.

Anytime you鈥檙e laying on the ground semi-under the stars, lots and lots of pillows are a must. You can DIY up your own with our tutorial, using the same Stockholm fabric. Or buy black, yellow and/or blue patterned pillows from literally anywhere. We found a few faves, like an ikat looker at One Kings Lane ($199) and a watercolor throw pillow ($90) from one of our favorite makers, The Tangled Path.

When it comes to Richie鈥檚 color popping side tables, we鈥檙e thinking they鈥檙e the perfect way to repurpose industrial spools. Just give them a coat of Intense Teal and let the cocktailing begin.

Now let鈥檚 again talk about the lighting going on in Nicole鈥檚 backyard. It is artful. It is something to take note of. If you鈥檙e feeling up for it. Grab a bunch of globe string lights from Target (25 for $12) and hack away.

We鈥檙e just going to go ahead and assume that our invite got lost in the mail for this little soiree. But we totally forgive you, girl. And next, we鈥檒l raise a glass to you and your excellent taste.

What do you think of Nicole Richie鈥檚 backyard oasis? What pieces have you picked up for entertaining in your backyard this season? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Domaine)