As hospitable as you are, no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen shaking Sazeracs or French 75s while the ball drops into 2014. At the same time, you can’t just serve your guests a two-ingredient cocktail. It’s NYE! Solution: Make one big giant cocktail in one big giant bowl, a practice we’re rather fond of that goes by the name of punch.

1. Punch à la Taylor: We’re not sure who Taylor is. But he or she is some sort of genius. Clementine juice mixes with tea and Irish whiskey for one spectacular sipper. (via Saveur)

2. Kombucha Punch: Because you love your friends and you want them to be happy their first day of 2014, pre-medicate them by giving them kombucha spiked alcohol. (via Brit & Co.)

3. Cider Rum: First of all. This picture. How great is it? Pretty great. Hopefully your guests will look as dainty holding their very own cups of cider. (via Verses From My Kitchen)

4. St. Cecilia’s Recipe: Flavors from France meet West India meet South Carolina Lowlands in this 40-serving humdinger of a celebratory ocean. All we can say is: Amen, St. Cecilia. (via Chow)

5. Soyers Gin Punch: We’re feeling totally inspired by this image. Let it be known, from here on out, all NYE punches must be served in gold-rimmed champagne glasses. (via Aviation)

6. Citrus Champagne : It wouldn’t be NYE without a little bubbly. We’re especially keen on this concoction that uses limoncello to add a sweet tartness.(via Food Network)

7. Apple Cider with Ginger & Bourbon: Cocktail dresses –– they’re kind of a New Year’s Eve must. But depending where you live in the country, your fellow revelers will be arriving to your home from blustery streets. The best way to heat up the party? Apple cider laced with bourbon. (via Pezzo)

8. Sweet Gin Symphony: And what might the symphony be all about? The star anise garnish is strumming our heartcords, but it’s the absinthe wash that really adds that final crash of the cymbals. Kapow! (Yes, that is what a cymbal sounds like.) (via Saveur)

9. Holiday Whiskey: Word on the street is sugared oil is the secret ingredient to a perfect punch. This recipe puts the theory to the test, and the results are conclusive: Sugared oil is pure punch liquid gold. (via The Bitten Word)

10. Orange Ginger Rum Punch: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. There’s something about that particular elixir that’s just so compatible with punch, which is why it was our booze of choice when we crafted up our own. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Martha Washington’s Rum: First First Lady, you outlived all of your children. Do tell us, was your secret a nightly nip of punch? We’re just going to assume the answer is yes. Cheers to your health. And to a happy new year. (via Savoir Faire)

Which big bowl of booze is going to make you pleased as Punch this NYE? Add your comments below!