So your birthday happens to be during the best time of the year, AKA fall. Lucky you! Before winter has you cooped up inside, why not stay out in the crisp autumn air and聽fill聽your big day with fun outdoor activities. How does a day at your favorite amusement park sound? Or perhaps a chic聽boat party with flowing Champagne is more your style. Or maybe, just maybe, you absolutely love glamping. Whatever it may be, we鈥檝e got tons of outdoor-inspired ideas to choose from聽below. If you鈥檙e ready to take your birthday celebration to the next level, scroll on for 11 awesome outdoor birthday activities you and your friends will love. Happy planning!

Woman mountain Hiker

1. Go hiking. Tell your friends to take a hike 鈥 with you on your birthday, of course! Head out and breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors while exploring your local terrain. Bring reclining chairs or a large durable blanket and you鈥檒l have an amazing opportunity to view the stars at night 鈥 just be sure to bring flashlights for the walk back!

Portrait of smiling woman holding pumpkins in autumn outdoors

2. Visit a pumpkin patch. Nothing says 鈥渇all鈥 like visiting a pumpkin patch. Celebrate by making聽a day of this fun activity: Have your friends pile onto a hay ride and pick out the biggest pumpkin you can find. Then gather everyone together that night for a carving party 鈥 check out these creative pumpkin faces for inspo.

3. Go wine tasting.聽Get your buzz on this year and visit a winery or go wine tasting.聽If being a professional wine drinker was actually a real thing, we鈥檇 all be quitting our day jobs, ASAP. Since this isn鈥檛 a career we can realistically achieve, why not pretend for one day that it鈥檚 your job and go wine tasting for your birthday. And a party fit for wine-lovers isn鈥檛 complete without snacks. Make sure your wine adventure consists of delicious and tasty treats too: Here are some wine and cheese pairings to get you started.

4. Go on a bicycle scavenger hunt. If a cookie-cutter birthday celebration just won鈥檛 do, then it鈥檚 time for something new and exciting this year, like creating聽a bicycle scavenger hunt. Fill your clues with fun facts about your town or聽inside jokes that will leave your squad in stitches and lead them to the next clue. Decide on a hunt hashtag, and make sure teams posts photos of each solved clue to Instagram for proof.聽Fun Tip:聽Decorate your cruiser in your birthday party鈥檚 theme or colors, and plan a scheduled stop along the way so that you can have your cake and a celebratory toast.

Woman's hands holding crate with red apples

5. Go apple picking.聽Fall is finally here, which means聽apples are ready for picking. After you share the joy of fruit picking with your family and friends, you can all meet in the kitchen for some delicious apple dessert creations. Try one or two (or three or four) of these yummy apple recipes.

Getting back to nature

6. Go glamping/camping. You love being outdoors, and camping is no exception 鈥 minus that fact that you camp like a glamorous celebrity. Glamping is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. Not to mention, you can have unlimited s鈥檓ores (check out these recipes!) and booze with your friends underneath the stars. Make sure you bring these glamping must-haves, including plenty of blankets, pillows and an extra large mug for your hot cocoa.


7.聽Go on a pub bicycle tour. It鈥檚 a bar, it鈥檚 a bike, no鈥 it鈥檚 a pub bicycle tour. This bicycle trolly is operated solely by聽you and your peddling besties, making it both a hilarious workout and聽a聽party on wheels. Most pub bicycle companies allow you to either book聽in advance or make an appointment on the whim. Make sure you leave your heels at home 鈥 we recommend wearing sneakers, booties or boots. (via聽Florida Fun Bikes)


8.聽Host a boat party.聽There鈥檚 no fancier聽way to celebrate your birthday than on the water with good friends and bubbly Champagne.聽Plus, you鈥檒l be able to shout, 鈥淚鈥檓 on a boat!鈥 If you plan gourmet menu selections and build the perfect party playlist, we can guarantee this birthday will be one you鈥檒l never forget! (via Brit + Co)

9.聽Visit an amusement park. If you live for Disneyland, California Adventures and Universal Studios, you should totally visit one of your favorite amusement parks for your birthday. Yes, getting a hug from Mickey Mouse on your birthday is as amazing as it sounds. Don鈥檛 forget to wear your crown or sash so everyone knows it鈥檚 your big day. Planning Tip: Plan ahead聽by downloading or picking up a map of the park so that you cram in as much fun as possible in one day.

Happy friends in the park having picnic

10. Go on a picnic. Now that the weather is *officially* under 100 degrees, a birthday picnic is totally what you need. There鈥檚 no better excuse to get together with your besties, lay out a plaid blanket, sip wine and snack on some delicious finger food.

People having fun by campfire.

11. Enjoy a backyard campfire.聽Even though your birthday is after the prime time for聽beach parties and strappy sandals, it鈥檚 during a season that鈥檚 perfect for chilly nights in the backyard with a cozy campfire. So gather 鈥檙ound with your loved ones and celebrate your birthday under the stars. Perhaps a delicious s鈥檓ore dessert pizza is what you need instead of a traditional birthday cake.

Will you host an outdoor-inspired birthday bash this year? For more creative party ideas, follow us on聽Pinterest!

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