Your first move after RSVPing to all those holiday parties doesn’t have to be “shop for five brand-new outfits.” With your trusty LBD at hand (or even a more seasonally appropriate LWD) and the pickings from your shoe closet, you can throw together a fete-worthy outfit with just one extra accessory: a pair of tights. Not your average opaque hosiery, of course. ‘Tis the season for turning heads, so snatch up a pair of party tights and we’ll help you match the stunning stockings with shoes you already own. Seriously. Getting ready for your big night has never been easier — just scroll through to see which pumps go perfectly with that fresh pair of stockings.

Your Classic Black Pump


1. Wolford Abby Tights ($115): Your goes-with-everything black pumps ($150) are certain to get noticed with tights that sparkle right at your feet. This ultra luxe pair is adorned with Swarovski crystals (is ankle bling a new thing?), but if you don’t need to be dripping in the real thing, try a DIY version with flat-back rhinestones and a lived-in pair of black tights.

Your Not-So-Basic Ankle Boots


2.Urban Outfitters Zigzag Party Tights ($5): Even though they’re your fanciest pair of ankle boots ($90), they’re by no means dainty. What that does mean is that these steppers can take a lot of look, so they’re perfect to pair with statement tights that feel more sophisticated when they’re popping above a higher rise than most pumps can offer.

Your Statement Pumps


3. No Shine Like the Present Tights ($30): These pumps ($73) basically announce your arrival, so why not wear them with a pair of stockings that will make your exit just as memorable? With crystals sprinkled across the calves, these party-in-the-back tights do just that. It’s a major match made in heaven if you ask us.

Your Open-Toe Heels


4. BZR Ombré Tights ($40): Yes, we are suggesting you break out those open-toed shoes ($80) in the winter if you have a pair of tights that are truly worth flashing from hip to toe. These ombre stockings fit the bill, because how could you not want to show off that impressive fade?

Your Over-the-Knee Boots


5. ASOS Bow Over the Knee Tights ($16): Your over-the-knee boots ($232) are hot to begin with, but pairing them with gift-wrapped, stirrup-style tights is downright cheeky. Pull that pair on and cue “Santa Baby.”

Your Office Heels


6. Wolford Tessa Tights ($55): You know that you can actually dance all night in these heels ($100) because you wear them from 9 to 5 no problem. But just because they’re comfy doesn’t mean they have to look stuffy. The leopard print certainly helps, but these tights are the easiest way to dress up your almost-flats — just pull them for strappy details that instantly put them into party mode.

Your Cutout Pumps


7. galstern Goldfish Sheer Tights ($28): Your peek-a-boo pumps mix a timeless silhouette with unexpected details, so your tights should be able to do the same. We’re obsessed with these if-flash-tattoos-were-tights stockings that look freshly inked. The most double take-worthy duo if we’ve ever seen one.

Your Girly Oxfords


8. Urban Outfitter Sheer Shimmer Tights ($9): Sure, these preppy heels ($125) are your go-tos for pairing with office-ready trousers and distressed denim, but with party tights? You’d never — and that’s exactly why you should. Take these heels out for a spin with these super shimmery stockings that give them a total ’70s babe makeover.

What styling tricks are you using to hack a party-ready holiday outfit on the cheap? Let us in on your style tips in the comments below.