Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (AKA Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone stateside) is celebrating a 20th anniversary this week, and Facebook has gotten in on the celebrations in a way only they can. The social network has already unveiled temporary emoji reactions like “thankful” and “pride” this year, and their latest foray into animated reacts is an adorable Potter-themed Easter egg that has fans repeating their favorite HP character names over and over again.

By simply typing out Potter’s name, or the names of the four student houses at Hogwarts, Facebook automatically color codes the names for you, but that’s not where the Wizarding World magic kicks in. The fun part is when you or someone else clicks the highlighted names in the post.

When anyone touches the Potter-themed words, a magic wand appears at the bottom of your screen, and a puff of smoke, stars, and lighting bolts pop up. Talk about some adorable magic.

It was June 26, 1997 when The Philosopher’s Stone first hit the shelves, setting off a global phenomenon after nearly never being published. As author JK Rowling has noted, she was turned down many times by publishers, until someone finally took a chance on her series. Now, 20 years later, the boy who lived has changed the way that young adult books are considered by publishers, and sparked one of the biggest fandoms in the sci-fi world.

With no word on how long we’ll get the Potterfied Facebook, if you’re looking to brighten someone’s day, you should act fast, since this adorable Easter egg will surely be gone soon.

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(h/t Time; photos via Universal Studios + Getty)