Is your pet SO super photogenic she honestly doesn鈥檛 HAVE a bad side? Does she pose perfectly for the camera, busting out Blue Steel every time she magically (read: creepily) knows you鈥檝e opened up VSCO cam on your iphone? Or maybe you鈥檙e just dying to capture your fresh-faced pup in her new Coachella outfit. Gotta show off that crocheted puppy crop top before your pooch鈥檚 best friend, Stella, puts her matching one up on Insta (twinsies!). If you鈥檙e looking for photo shoot and style inspiration for the upcoming head shots you鈥檝e got scheduled with your best friend鈥檚 wedding photographer, then scroll on. We鈥檝e got styling, poses and outfit advice for your soon-to-be #dogsofinstagram star.

1. Wearing His Favorite Outfit: Nothing gets a dog in the mood for a photo shoot more than a chance to wear his favorite new outfit. (via @storyofmyluck)

馃憴馃憴馃憴馃憴 #catswhosunbathe

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2. Capture Him in His Element: The best pictures are always the ones where your pet is really feeling it. Set up your photo shoot so that your pooch or kitty can just be herself. (via @cattipi)

Night night馃挙

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3. Doing What She Does Best: Another key to a zine-worthy shoot is to schedule it when your dog is doing what she does best. Whether that鈥檚 going through the trash, stealing an entire pan of freshly baked cookies off the counter, giving you an open-mouth kiss or straight lounging, these are the moments, amirite? (via @toastmeetsworld)

4. With Friends: Photo shoots are always easier and way more fun with friends. They take off some of the pressure and encourage interaction that will get those natural looks and smiles you鈥檙e going for. (via @maya_on_the_move)


5. Celebrating the Holidays: All holidays are fair game. After all, everyone loves a photo of a dog in a santa hat or bunny ears. So use these special times of year to inflict embarrassment on your beloved pet. You鈥檙e guaranteed to get a like-worthy shot. (via Brit + Co)

#TBT I'm not chubby. I'm just so darn sexy, it overflows.馃槝 #FridaKahlo

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6. That Halloween Costume Wasn鈥檛 for Nothing: Pet Photo Shoot 101 鈥 bring back the Halloween costume. Why use this incredible hand-crafted outfit once when you can let your pup have fun for another day in that Frida Kahlo dress? (via @maya_on_the_move)

Hope your weekend is off to a great start 馃槼 @discoverychannel @sharkweek

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7. Superimpose That Pooch: Get inspired by the many places your pet can 鈥渧isit鈥 using the power of Photoshop. (via @maya_on_the_move)


8. Add Some Text Overlay: Add fun quotes you are SURE your dog is actually thinking, or narrate the scene just the way you like it. (via Brit + Co)

9. The Windblown Look: We all know the best photos are taken in front of giant industrial fans to get that sexy windblown look. Don鈥檛 deny your dog this experience. His Vidal Sassoon locks will be so grateful. (via @pitterpatterfurryfeet)

10. The Post-Bath Look: Everyone loves a baby-in-the-bathtub photo, so ride that wave and put your pet in the shower for a shoot. This is the truest way to accentuate those curves. (via pitterpatterfurryfeet)

Hang time 馃幘馃寠

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11. Show Off Mad Athletic Ability: If your dog can jump a 10-foot fence whilst catching a frisbee and then nail the landing, that move *must* make it on film. (via @brooklyndogtime)

12. Strike a Pose: Some dogs and cats are naturals. They didn鈥檛 get any runway training or any special schooling; they just came out of the womb posing like they have an advanced degree in modeling. Take advantage of that. (via @frenchiebutt)

13. Looking Like a Boss: You know those dogs who walk into a house and they act like they own the place? (Carpet cleaner necessary.) If your dog is the head of the household, let him be a boss and dress the part. It鈥檚 all about confidence. (via bellalovesbeau)

14. Go on Location: Don鈥檛 be afraid to venture out of the studio and into the wild. Your pet is an animal, after all. (via @aprilthemalshi)

15. Stand on Something Weird: Balance is a real talent. So is the word 鈥渟tay,鈥 so if your dog does a bang-up job at standing still, show THAT to the world. We want to see it. #hoopdreams (via @thiswildidea)

RIP David Bowie 1947-2016 鉂わ笍

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16. Dressed as Their Favorite Celebrity: And finally, if your dog is like, OBSESSED with Ryan Gosling or David Bowie, let that personality tick shine through! (via @millathecat)

That鈥檚 it, folks. Go forth and take amazing photos of your pets!

What other types of photo shoots have you subjected your pets to? Share your photos with us by tagging us on Instagram + using hashtag #iamcreative!