We’ve seen a lot of beach-blue tresses making the rounds this spring, thanks to fashion mavens Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff. But if you’re digging a softer hue that still makes a huge statement, you need to meet Kailey Flyte. Her peachy pink hair, retro style and does-it-all blog are bringing retro Barbie back in style.

Kailey Flyte Grass

At just 20 years old, this lovely lady from Portland, OR, is killing it in the style blogging scene, with her candy-colored Instagram earning her a whopping 106,000 followers so far. That huge following has amped up the readership at her blog, Mermaidens, where she shares her favorite #OOTDs, product reviews, illustrations, tutorials and more.

Kailey Flyte Mermaidens

So how did she get so pink? “Watching ‘50s movie musicals dripping in lavish, technicolor shades and being obsessed with ballet dancers growing up ingrained a deep love of pastel colors and flamboyant style in me.” After searching for a pink dye that could pass as pastel, she settled on this now Insta-famous peachy shade. Kailey rocks this look flawlessly, but if you’re not sure it’ll work on you, she recommends starting small. “Wearing a bright pink lipstick or nail polish, then graduating to a pink accessory, and finally rocking a pink dress would be the best way to naturally integrate pink into your look!”

Kailey Flyte Nails

Big, bold eyes paired with pink lips are part of her signature look, so we asked Kailey to spill the deets on her favorite products. For a peachy pout, her go-to is NYX Matte Lip Cream ($6). To get the cat eye just right, Kailey likes the NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner ($6): “It has an extremely thin brush, giving me the ability to perfect the wing with small strokes.” If you want to go full-on cotton candy, try adding some blue using eyeliner as your eyeshadow. Kailey says, “Tarina Tarantino’s Eye Dream Hyperliner in Kanzashi ($15) works like a charm for a Barbie blue eye.”

Pink Hair Daisy Sunglasses

But what we really want to know is where she gets her ah-ma-zing wardrobe. For everyday style from every decade, Kailey suggests ASOS, but she also does a lot of her own sewing and accessorizing. “I am a pretty big DIYer,” Kailey tells us. “My mom instilled a love for the arts in me really young and was always encouraging me to think out of the box.” Kailey’s favorite DIY to date is these daisy sunglasses. Now isn’t that just the simplest hack to go with the new Claire’s accessories line? Color us impressed!

Would you ever go for a bright pink dye job? How would you style it? While you ponder the possibilities, be sure to follow Kailey Flyte on Instagram and check out her style at Mermaidens!