The Shark Tank phenomenon is a total winner in our books. It encourages everyone from lemonade stand kids to millennials to really go for it when it comes to a great idea. Fun fact: There are over 530,000 businesses that begin each month in the US alone. All that innovation is great, but it also means getting your small business noticed can be a challenge. While the tech-savvy set has latched on to crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, now there’s another way to get your idea out there. Meet Pitchdeck, an app that combines Snapchat and Shark Tank and aims to help those with great ideas succeed.


According to Pitchdeck, the two biggest roadblocks to a successful startup are finding funding and having your product or idea validated. The app hopes to combat that in a very simple, Snapchat-like format, where users can pitch ideas and receive feedback from a community of like-minded people. The top pitch of the week receives funding to the tune of $15,000.


There are six industry categories to chose from, including transport, biotech, computing, energy, Internet and “other.” Once you choose your category (no official company, prototype or business plan needed!), you can choose to post a one-minute pitch ($2.99), a two-minute pitch ($5.99) or a three-minute pitch ($9.99). Your pitch lives on the site for the week, and the winner of the funding prize is chosen every Sunday at midnight. Sounds easy enough, right? The hard part is coming up with a winning idea, but we have confidence that you have a great one!

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