Spring, it鈥檚 been fun, but there鈥檚 something about summer we just can鈥檛 stay away from. It鈥檚 a new month, and with this seasonal shift comes a change in the weekend project lineup. Swap out the sweater makeover for a donut-inspired blouse. Jazz up a beach umbrella with a fringe accent and take a batch of homemade pop rock candies or boozy poptails with you to the next poolside party. Whether you鈥檙e looking for a grown-up way to recreate your childhood favorite desserts or trying to nail down a great gift for Father鈥檚 Day , start prepping for the best summer ever with these 12 weekend craft projects.


1. DIY Retro Beach Umbrella : Fringe is the new tassel, and it鈥檚 the perfect way to bring on the retro vibes in your backyard. Spruce up last year鈥檚 beach umbrella with nothing more than a strip of fringe and a glue gun. Here鈥檚 a project you can finish in less time than it takes to mix up a wine slushie . (via Sugar & Cloth )


2. DIY Pop Rocks : It鈥檚 time to bring those favorite childhood candies back with a *pop* and a *bang.* Except now you can make popping candy in any flavor and color you want. Use your sparkly rock candy to top anything and everything from ice cream to s鈥檓ores this summer. (via Aww, Sam )

Mini Cinder Block Garden-7

3. DIY Mini Succulent Garden : Bet you didn鈥檛 know cinder blocks could look so cute. Start by making your own mini concrete cinder blocks and then paint them hot shades of neon for the perfect deck accessory. Use faux succulents for a garden that will never die on you. (via A Kailo Chic Life )


4. DIY Beard Balm : Show the bearded guys in your life some love (lookin鈥 at you, Dad) with this all-natural beard balm. Use essential oil to craft the perfect scent and coconut oil to make their prized facial hair really shine. (via Brit + Co )


5. DIY Wool Woven Basket : You probably didn鈥檛 know you needed a cuddly storage basket until just now. Grab your leftover wool roving from your last weaving project and decorate a copper wire basket. Whether you鈥檙e looking for a place to store your throw blankets or your craft supplies, this chic storage piece doesn鈥檛 mind being out in the open. (via Fall for DIY )


6. DIY Marble Clock : Use air-dry clay to make a mini clock that stands on its own on your desk or mantel. The light pink marbling on this clay clock makes it almost look like a full moon, and paired with the gold hands, it鈥檚 a win-win for sure. (via The Lovely Drawer )

DIY spiegel mit Holzkugeln (11 von 1)

7. DIY Beaded Hanging Mirror : This mirror is practically jewelry for your wall. Use all-natural wood beads for a Scandinavian look or switch things up with some painted beads. (via Sinnen Rausch )


8. DIY Beer-Tasting Tray : If you鈥檙e starting to brainstorm gifts for Dad, let your mind rest easy. This beer-tasting tray will make his weekend totally awesome. Give Dad the gift of his favorite beverage with this handmade tray and a collection of his favorite beverages to accompany it. (via Brit + Co )

Silhouette polka dot chair-8

9. DIY Confetti Chair : Give that plain white desk chair a confetti-tastic makeover. This DIY calls for vinyl stickers, so it鈥檚 easy to remove the confetti just in case you decide you want to try a new look later on. (via A Kailo Chic Life )


1o. DIY Ombre Necklace : If summer vibes have you reaching for the embroidery thread (friendship bracelet , anyone?), make this necklace the first thing on your to-make list. Gold bars make it super stylish, and you can鈥檛 go wrong with ombre and a tassel. (via Enthralling Gumption )


11. DIY Painted Donut Collar : The only thing better than eating donuts is wearing them, amirite? If you鈥檙e looking for a summery way to update a collared shirt, try making this tasty treat. Donuts not your thing? Turn your collar into a pizza or a watermelon! (via Studio DIY )


12. DIY Boozy Freeze Pops : Boozy popsicles are 鈥渢he thing鈥 this summer (ahem, have you seen these sangria pops ?), and it鈥檚 awesome seeing our favorite childhood snacks turn into more mature treats. Recreate the classic freeze pop with coconut milk, fruit juice and plenty of alcohol. (via Sugar & Cloth )

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