Do you ever wish you could pack up your desk and take it home with you? We’re not talking about boxing up your papers and supplies. We’re talking about bringing your actual desk home. AND your chair. Okay, okay… so we don’t all dream of carrying around our office furniture, but picture this: You have a work-from-home job, and you want to enjoy the sunny summer weather while you work. Or maybe you want a home office but don’t have the space. All you need is a portable, pop-up desk and chair set.

Japanese designer, Mariko Tsujimoto, aka the genius behind pop-up furniture, decided it would be smart to design oversized binders that transform into desks, tables and chairs. And we agree… brilliant idea.

In 2012, the completely out-of-the-box designer won the Kokuyo Design Award for pop-up campus and won the prize again this year for her office-friendly collection. The origami-inspired concept transforms seemingly ordinary, flat file folders into colorful 3D office furniture. Talk about imagination!

Although this design is still in concept phase, can you imagine what it would be like to fold up your desk at the end of the day? Heck, you could set up shop pretty much anywhere. Even the park. Or beach. Sorry, summer on the brain…

Would you make use of this awesome fold-up furniture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!