More than any other sartorial season, summer and spring fashion collections are often the most inspiring. Think: how ethereal bathing suits make you reeeeeally want to try mermaid hair + get you itching to escape to a faraway beach. Or, how breezy dresses and fringed everything bring out your inner wild child + flower crown DIY-er whether you鈥檙e going to a major music festival or not. But those collections have nothing on the new Rachel Antonoff collab with & Other Stories, a clothing line specially designed to unleash your inner #Girlboss.


Available on the Swedish retailer鈥檚 website starting May 12, the collection was based on the idea of a go-getter on the campaign trail through a very Rachel Antonoff lens. Judging by the seersucker suits, collared dresses and pastel crop tops that make up the line 鈥 preppy pieces all begging to be paired with bold-colored loafers or modern brogues 鈥 *this* boss-lady is as charming as she is tough-on-the-issues, something the 鈥淚t鈥檚 Time鈥 sweatshirt and red, white and blue 鈥淲e Try Harder鈥 tee don鈥檛 let you forget. The vibe is fun, but at the same time strong: it鈥檚 the most gorg Girl Power style we鈥檝e seen.


To bring that to life, Antonoff tapped her pal, Lena Dunham, to direct a short film called 鈥淰ote Audrey鈥 that follows a young girl through the trials and tribulations of running for office + her daydreams of glory. In the vid starring Zoe Kazan, Audrey becomes president of the United States, appoints her mom as First Lady and has a dance party with the all-girl Supreme Court. But everything she imagines (neighbors ignoring, scolding and berating her) in IRL isn鈥檛 a total fantasy. A TV reporter says of her accomplishments, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e also a very young women, that鈥檚 strange.鈥 Audrey replies, 鈥淲ell, you know, girls can do anything!鈥 PREACH.

What do you wear to look + feel like a total #Girlboss? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Fashionista, photos via & Other Stories)