Rachel Lindsay may be engaged and 鈥渟o in love鈥 despite the dismal batch of suitors she鈥檚 dealing with during this season of The Bachelorette, but before the penguin dude and a creepy AF doll 鈥 not to mention one contestant that鈥檚 a two-timing cheat and another who鈥檚 racist, sexist, and homophobic (yikes!) 鈥 Lindsay apparently dated a famous NBA player.

Rachel Lindsay

Before she was The Bachelorette, before she tried to win over Nick Viall鈥檚 heart, and even before she headed off to law school, Rachel Lindsay was a student at the University of Texas at Austin, where she dated future NBA star Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant

鈥淚t was a pretty serious relationship,鈥 an insider told Us, revealing that the two were together while Lindsay was earning her BS in Sports Management. When she left to attend law school at Marquette University, the pair had an amicable split before Durant went on to become engaged (and then split from) two-time WNBA champion Monica Wright. He鈥檚 also been connected to models Chantel Jeffries, Crystal Renee, and Jasmine Shine 鈥 not to mention Rihanna, while battling it out with the Golden State Warriors last night in the NBA Finals (yep, that *is* the singer herself sitting right behind the player).

Things may have cooled off long ago between Lindsay and Durant, but it certainly seems like their individual love lives are as red-hot as ever.

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(h/t Us; photos via David Becker + Ezra Shaw/Getty)