While most of us might remember those trusty nylon backpacks from our grade school days, knapsack style has come a long way since then. Leave it to Japan’s savviest fashionistas to start a new backpack trend that will have you wishing for homework and hall passes. Originally worn by Japanese elementary school students, the structured and famously durable “Randoseru bag” has inspired tons of fashionable spinoffs. Scroll on for some stylish and chic Randoseru-inspired backpacks that you’re bound to fall in love with.

1. Scout Pack ($115): This traditional envelope-style backpack will serve you well on all your adventures, no matter how rough the terrain. This bag is totally the BFF of backpacks: enduring, reliable and guaranteed for life.

2. Tessel Jet Backpack ($80): Inspired by stealth fighter jets, this sleek design can carry all your daily necessities. If only it came with a jet pack…

3. Macbook Sleeve Backpack ($264): Good news for MacBook users: This Italian-leather backpack fits your 15″ MacBook and still leaves room for an iPad, magazines and your documents.

4. Pocket Bag ($238): If you’re looking for some versatility from your bag, this flat backpack can also be used as a shoulder bag. Whether you’re heading to a casual brunch or an elegant soiree, this bag has you covered.

5. Retro Elegant College Backpack ($40): Are you ready to stand out? Say sayonara to your backpack and trade it in for this retro bag.

6. Waxed Canvas Rucksack ($209): This bag should make it on the gift list for your fave guy. Handmade with care and waterproof, this versatile bag will go with all of his outfits.


7. Randoseru Backpack ($185): Of course, we’re starting with the original randoseru backpack. Fun fact: Japanese souvenir shops report that this is the most popular item among tourists. Join in on the fun and pick up a bag in your favorite color.

8. Pacific Standard Backpack ($264): This simple backpack is perfect for stylish bikers and tech-savvy geeks on the go. It includes a huge laptop sleeve with external access, so you’re only ever a few seconds away from being connected.

9. Bedford Bag ($114): This three-in-one backpack turns into an over-the-shoulder bag or tote, depending on how you zip it.

10. Lucy Backpack ($89): Sooo not your average backpack, the distinctive laser-cut design adds some fun personality to your bag that’s sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

11. Esperos Classic Backpack ($75): This beautifully colored, classic backpack is not only great for toting around campus, but also represents a great way to help children in need.

12. The NexTep Backpack ($50): Even if you don’t feel like an organized person, this backpack will make you one, thanks to all that pocket space.

13. Kendrick Backpack ($95): This slim backpack can easily fit all your essentials. Of all the bags on this list, we think it looks the most like the original randoseru.

14. Bootie Backpack ($132): Handmade in San Francisco, this bag not only transforms into a tote whenever you want, but also comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Good luck picking a favorite!

15. F251 Kowalski Backpack ($195): This waterproof backpack is available in up to three colors for some sweet color blocking. The shoulder strap and bag adjust, depending on how many goods you have tucked away inside.

16. Backpack No.5 ($262): This stylish bag was meant for more than the ordinary streets of your town. Take this heavy-duty backpack on your next weekend getaway and you’ll have plenty of room to store all your travel essentials.

What did you think about the Randoseru backpack? Would you tote it around town? Tell us in the comments below.