Ah, wine鈥 how we love it so. It鈥檚 delicious, it鈥檚 relaxing and above all, it鈥檚 versatile. It can be made into ice cream, be used as a base for a sauce or stirred into a pitcher of sangria. But while we鈥檙e no strangers to mixing wine with fresh fruit juice, a popular Spanish combination is about to change the game. Marie Claire writer Samantha Leal recently took to the web to sing the praises of kalimotxo (pronounced cal-ee-MO-cho), otherwise known as a drink made of equal parts red wine and鈥 wait for it鈥 Coke.


Dating back to the 1970s, it鈥檚 said that the kalimotxo was originally concocted to cover up the taste of sour wine. More recently, it鈥檚 blossomed into a trendy bar order. Yep, sounds disgusting. But wait: What鈥檚 that you say, New York Times? 鈥淚鈥檝e received more than a few skeptical glances when I鈥檝e ordered it at bars in New York,鈥 explains NYT writer Rosie Schaap. 鈥淏ut I don鈥檛 feel an iota of contrition when I drink this Basque-country classic.鈥 She also recommends a quick squeeze of lemon for brightness and says it鈥檚 鈥渁n ideal afternoon drink when you know you鈥檝e still got a long day, and night, ahead.鈥

No use arguing with The Gray Lady, so let鈥檚 all pour one up and give it a go. Cheers, dears!

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