Say you’re a bride and we’re some of your bridesmaids. There is no measure to how much we would appreciate being paired up next to you in one of these gorgeous frocks from Reformationwhite dresses excluded (or not, it’s totally up to you, betrothed friend).

Aside from happy bridesmaids, every wedding blog out there is going to be fighting to post the pictures of you and your stylish BFFs. No messy, puffy sleeves here, just perfectly coifed ladies standing in a park — NBD.

When it comes to these rusty-brick tones, deep blues, nudes and bold florals, we are all in. You could plan your whole palette around one of these patterns.

Have we convinced you yet that you need to put your best gals in these dresses yet? Because seriously — we’d be happy to drop our bridesmaid dollar billz on one of these totally stunning frocks.

Which is your favorite of these stunning dresses? We’ll take one of each.