As we creep ever closer to that big ball dropping, it’s time to prep for the new year. Yes, that means the inevitable resolution-making, like getting organized, learning a new skill or saving more moola, but it can also mean upgrading certain areas of your life, big baller style! This week’s must-download apps are new, cool and do a little bit of all of those things, so pop some champagne (too soon?) and get DLing!


1. N3twork: With a Tinder-like swipe, you can curate your very own TV network filled with viral videos and interesting clicks from around the web. Recommendations for your new age Netflix queue pour in Pandora style, as this app gets to know you and what you like to watch better the more you use it. Yes, this would all be well and good if I was describing an app meant to stay put on your phone, but the best part about N3twork is that it understands where you like to binge watch these days and casts to Apple TV or Chromecast.

Cost: Free on iOS


2. Saatchi Art: There are only maybe a few things we love more than we love wall artwashi tape, Beyoncé, washi tape wall art in Beyoncé’s likeness. If you’re in the wall art appreciation club along with us AND looking to update your own four+ walls with a masterpiece, this genius app will help you do it with just a couple taps. Shop for art within the app and then virtually preview it on your walls before pressing purchase with Saatchi’s “View In A Room” feature. Don’t mind if we do! No more guesswork or wondering how that piece will look above your couch or next to your bed. You can see it, snap a pic and even send it to your roomies or boo for a second opinion.

Cost: Free on iOS


3. Robinhood: Making any money-related New Year’s Resolutions this year? You probably should be. If you don’t have a pile of credit card debt to work through and you’re already rocking your savings account, it might be time to think about investing some money and not have a panic attack when you do. Robinhood is an app that wants to shepherd you through the stock market in the least intimidating way possible. This mobile brokerage for the modern generation makes trading more accessible than it even was for Leo in Wolf of Wall Street. You don’t have to pay a fee per trade, there’s no minimum on accounts and the UX is so much nicer than anything you’d expect.

Cost: Free on iOS


4. Picocious: You know what happens when you give your friends your phone (pictures that can never see the light of Facebook are taken), but what happens when you let your little one go loose on your camera roll? We’re all about inspiring creativity in the masses, and this is a fun way to do that with just your iPhone’s camera and kiddo’s imagination that takes them off their games and on adventures. You send your budding Annie Leibovitz on photo-based missions and she can return with pics that live on the app and *not* in your camera roll unless you want to keep them. Come on, help your kids grow up in a world where cameras are for more than just selfies.

Cost: $.99 on iOS


5. SplashID: Who knew, when you were making up your very first password back in the day for your AIM account and/or your first email, that some day you would need many, many more. So many, in fact, that you would need a system devoted to deciphering and cataloguing them. It’s a hack filled world (and not the good kind) these days so may we recommend a password manager that will store all your secret codes in one place and let you know if you need to change “password123” to “T3dDyB3@r007”? You’re welcome.

Cost: Free on Android and iOS, Pro version will set you back $10

What was your favorite app download of the week? Have you added any of ours to the mix?! Share below!