Obviously, wedding gifts for same-sex couples are a lot like wedding gifts for other couples: You want them to be tasteful, personal and something that they’ll appreciate having around their house. Unfortunately, not-so-kitschy goodies for same-sex couples can still be a struggle to find. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best finds from the web. These 14 little pieces are a fun way to show off your love without going all the way to a rainbow color theme. Although if you did have a rainbow wedding, we would be totally on board with that too. Whether you’re giving a wedding gift or are the couple looking for wedding favors and decor, these goodies are fabulous and proud to be gay.


1. Personalized Map Wedding Portrait ($39): Surprise your sweetheart or celebrate your friend’s wedding with a cool cutout map print. You can even customize the maps for each person’s hometown. It comes in a guy version too if you’re shopping for the boys.


2. TOMS Wedding Shoes ($240): Whether we’re talking bride + bride or groom + groom, no one can question the comfort factor of heading off on the honeymoon in a pair of TOMS shoes. Each pair is hand-painted and designed by the artist, who’s obviously awesome and passionate about his work.


3. Wine Tote ($12): These could be sweet wedding favors or a nice gift for the happy couple. Either way, we wouldn’t mind toting around this fun bag.


4. Ring Dish ($12): Every gal needs a catch-all tray for their bits and baubles. Pick up this gilded, calligraphy-inspired ring dish for the newlyweds to keep it all contained.


5. Hand-Stamped Spoons ($25): Representing a love that lasts, these vintage spoons are sure to become a fond treasure. Every time you sneak ice cream together, you’ll be reminded of your special day.


6. Gold Wedding Topper ($29): Say it loud and say it proud with a golden typography cake topper. The cursive type is elegant but still modern, making it perfect for a black-tie affair or even a backyard bash.


7. Favor Bags ($50 for 50): These little favor bags are the perfect finishing touch for any style of wedding. When the party is over, you can use them to keep little knick-knacks together or fill them with your Mrs’ favorite candy of choice for a surprise treat.

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8. Bride and Bride Wedding Cake Topper ($27): Why not have fun with the traditional cake topper idea and go for something bold, modern and very colorful? The little heart cutouts are very romantic without getting all gushy and over-the-top.


9. Here Comes the Brides ($33): Two brides are better than one, so make sure you announce both of them with these adorable pendants. Fun and unexpected, these flags could be incorporated into a piece of wall art at home, which is more than can be said for the traditional rose petals.


10. Ring Dish ($13): Hey mister! Never lose that ring again with this heart-shaped ring dish. This is also a romantic gift for newlyweds or spouses celebrating an anniversary.


11. Customized Drinks: If you’ve got some art skills (or have a friend that does), reinterpret your favorite drink to give out as favors. Make them more personal with silly sketches of the happy couple. These grooms even have their arms cut out of the label so they can clink glasses. Awwwwww. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)


12. Rainbow Wish Stones ($8): Now that you have your happily ever after, hand out these little wishing stone favors to your wedding guests so they can make a wish on a rainbow stone. Each favor is completely customizable, from the font to the text and design.


13. Seating Sign: It’s time to get rid of the politics of sitting on the “right” side of the aisle, don’t you think? DIY a sign like this to graciously, and with a bit of humor, let your guests know that there are no sides. (via Clever Wedding Ideas)


14. Personalized Paper Cut ($90): Completely customizable, this piece of artwork would make a beautiful keepsake. Along with the who and where, you also get to select a personal message for the bottom of the design. The white paper-cut design is mounted on a colored piece of board so you can appreciate every little handmade detail.


15. Hubby + Hubby, Wifey + Wifey Forks ($28 each): Dig into cake at the ceremony with this specially stamped silverware.

What are some of your favorite same-sex wedding goodies? We’d love to see what you’ve found! Share your finds in the comments below!